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Send the girl I love

I do not expect romance we have such a sad outcome. But really there was a certain poet has said: Love love depla many hardships to overcome obstacles. And I hope that the love for you will help him through it all and have to wait for em.Em love u. I love you not because you are a girl fashionable dress, not because she looks cute and not because of the looks of my children but because I love you. Darling! I do not ask why I love you? If you ask me will tell you that I do not know. Simply I love you. That's it, my love for you is simple but sweet, passionate, but not make you burn, intense but mellow when I'm next ben.Em dear is not a handsome man, not a a rich man, as well as someone who is not honest. Sometimes, he'll lie you that I really care when he was tired, his best work when everything is chaos, and even anhse said he does not love you while I can not bring happiness for em.Em love! Do not upset me all that light, he lied because he did not want me to worry is to see in your eyes, things that do not want to bother to make me miserable again. Darling! Let me be parts cypress trees protect you through the stormy day, please deanh kitchen fire to warm you in the cold night, let me share the concerns and problems of children. But let anhvui buried his concerns to delve into the minds, and in his eyes then, you will see that he really loved em.Em love! There are love at first glance like dew drops, but remains a lifetime people. I love you, you know the ancient people had to vadi through my life, leaving the children the pain of loss and even happy hours are just memories. Just as he has left. He did not expect that he is the person comes first with me, but I know that I was missing the last half that I need to find yourself. Darling! Even when children of the new me is that he must find a half, then he smiled and told me right, because nothing is meaningless when you love me and who is right it is no longer important. Darling! I love you so much, but sometimes he was indifferent. Britain today I forgot the new outfit, forget that your hair is nothing strange, I forgot the sulky if he did not recognize. But he never forgot his love for you, dear! I will not forget my birthday, do not forget the anniversary of two children, do not forget what I ordered him to remember, because I love em.Nhung if he has forgotten, then let me remind you clever nhé. Not because you deliberately forget it, but because life jacket rice lunch money, so busy worried about material life that he had forgotten to take care of the soul of both you and me. Darling! Let me remind me ok, because the plant parts to do when no one residence, the fire to do when no one is heated, and when you do not have to em.Em love! Surely you know I love you more like that, but I know it is not by my love for him. Yet with a smile on you when I pick you tan home office, not by my glance as his eyes stopped at a strange woman, not with a hug when he only two ... and we still not have my love for anh.Em love! If possible, I wish that every word in this letter are "I love you", but it will make me bored when reading mail He and his khongmuon it. But if one day you feel that all love me, then I just remember he is still waiting for you, still love you, and your name is still nhomai ..^__^.. Then you just turn around I only look back and see what you'll see my love.

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