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Secret whisper of sister

The sister, the tip of a man, the girls should look into the future, ignoring the past, but actually, if he played bad, it is hard for older people that are good with you.
Often the experience of women who experience very helpful with young girls. But, sometimes, in conquering the "other side", you just instinctive behavior may again be stable over the whisper secrets from others.
- Men tell women: the shortest path to the heart is the next man through the stomach.
Fact: Many women felt to have romantic feelings to stay away from the kitchen and the non-garlic, English and hash collision pot tightly.
Many seem to hurt when he was convicted of "taking something to eat drink in exchange for love. " Love is a short explosive attack without warning, if you have to wait for signals from the stomach, the fall in love first sight? Plastic soup meal is sweet to the public school culture is rather gratitude. Besides, the guy will remember to "attack against shock" rather than on a warm belly chain.
- Men tell women: During sex, round 1, 2, 3 grand does not matter where, what skill is.
But: There are new security context powder should lake, distant skill lies in theory and probably has no weapons must be right to display" the other half, "said. Attack men in line of sight, touch will make them lie down before he even used the technique.
- Men tell women: Men good sweet, spoiled is tied to.
Fact: How many people keep playing" software crackers "whole life that her husband is still working. The sweet guy who dropped in search of her rebellious exteriors and dare to resist - with the new cause strong feelings.
Flexibility is the secret tradition, it seems true in the case of his" go wild "bored processing and then returned to the story. But if you want to cross him forever thrown back horizontally, then perhaps have to use many other tricks.
- Dan tell you: If you do not speak the word mellow is better than silence.
Fact: If you have to swallow hard to take in the mood, leading to heart as light as birds singing voice is also what is personality - something that men hunt. The silence is not always good, many people even think it is also considered reckless behavior. Meantime, there used to justify a thousand words, and he was not fully obsessed.
- Men tell women: Do not look outward man, but judging content.
Everybody knows" better than good wood paint "but looks at what is known vin to assess him in the first moments? If the machine does not listen to the prompts, then maybe he just saw the chic, dressed as she had to turn away, then find a guy who blatantly make up the tangled hair or dark face, sending rough to the left heart.
- Men tell women: Always look on his future I, do not worry about the past.
Fact: A sentence that may be true when pressure to abandon the new Wanderer, back to do business honestly. Still in love, if the past, he played bad with the former present no miracle that he turned into a beautiful player.

- Men tell women: Women always nice to even know where to dump garbage at the right time for that "people in dreams "passing by.
Fact: Men will feel sorry for women because of her time as strings must stretch to await a glance. Maybe the time that her mirror image satisfaction on his marks may not be creating something for them. Beautiful sisters or not sometimes depends on the inspiration of brothers.

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