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The secret of friendship

Add not difficult, but keep the long-term friendships is difficult. Sometimes friendship is like oxygen and chocolate: you need it to live and to love life. Here are tips to help your situation further.

1. You choose wisely
interesting you curious about the other girl, a hot girl a lot of fans. You decide to find out what makes her so hot. Normally, people are fascinated with the loving, warm, fun, smart and sweet, cute but not right, pride - a perfect girl, right? But sometimes, people famous for things they have: money, beauty, new car, or your boyfriend have such knowledge.

When forming a friendship, the heart key is to find out why you want next to that person. If pure reason, then you will have a better relationship, more durable. You may be attracted by a girl "of the public" because a lot of guys to notice or talk about you people but obviously it without the trust and love, your friendship only " life "in a short time only.

situation will be stable when you share these interests, together in the joys and sorrows of life. If you are not only passionate but also forms a strong team, if you earn royalties and writing and the like search for creative ideas, so as you're in luck. Please choose you because of the quality inside and common interests rather than their position. When people in your party, you'll feel very comfortable, reliable, and have great moments.

2. Sincerely you
Mom and you have disagreements or opinions live, on how to dress, on the level, or whatever. You will come into the room, close the door and call you a little. You'd listen, empathize and console you. When you hang up, you will feel much more comfortable. And when something goes good luck to you guys, she was the first to tell you. When you have something to commemorate the occasion, she genuinely happy and never envy you on that.

It was a true friend. So what did you do to maintain your friendship with him? Let him know you did you mean you like. If you eat smart to say no, please express that by giving you a small gift, a basket or a magazine that you love her, or when a ticket, let invites you to the movies with her family your family. Besides the physical gift, make you what you did do it for you. Congratulate him when you have something funny, tell her that you are worthy of their victory. Take comfort that you feel unhappy. Be interested in questions like "Who won it?", "Audience How?" Or "She has not discharged you?". When you have a true friend, do not think that it is redundant, unnecessary.

3. Do not miss you because your boyfriend
You and your boyfriend can have an outcome is a happy life, being together until you have the silver dragon teeth. But mostly the situation will not last long summer to winter, and love have these students turn to college. Ư tragedy? Not necessarily so! Let's settle down, you know that it is time to explore who you are and what you want in life, do not ever think about the guy at all.

But with girlfriend each other again. The evidence is, she is still in touch with at least one friend from girlhood. Please note this before you decide to stay and play with a friend to come with her son somehow. Why trade a long-term friendship with a romantic relationship lightning it? If you and she played together since second grade, do not want a look at each other because they both end a guy (who rarely acknowledges the relationship of both), it was time to see review this situation.

Please calculate the chip for smart, and you can have it all: your family, friends and even boyfriend anymore. You do not need to "swear not love" for absolute loyalty to his girlfriend. Just do not neglect your friends is good enough. Do not ever remember "bon chen" competition with a boyfriend nhé. Absolutely not be held saw you flirting with my boyfriend, if only in thought. Be happy that you yourself have a boyfriend, even when its not there, because she is special and deserves a decent boyfriend.

4. A perfect friend
Nothing is more annoying when you're playing together like that you forget you're Beng lost there, because you're too drunk to talk while meeting the Your upper-class or having the guy you're up. If you are interested in someone they see themselves as in a dream situation. You may find yourself "sister" so you can come up more? You have the right to list the people you meet less often than the that.

5. Do not know ... breathing
A true friend respects the other relationships as well as "us with our own" your own. Even your best friend, but does not mean you have to sit next to her during the same session or going out all afternoon. If you're too demanding attention from friends, she can be frustrating because, like the duties. Besides, if you cling on to her too tightly, you will miss the opportunity to make new friends.

6. No argument is not you
not necessarily have the same friends, then all points of view. Misunderstanding and controversy are obvious. Acting out frustration out, do not be stored inside. If your objection is justified, please emphasize a specific problem, dexterity and by common sense. T. See you at the theater but then do not come? Do not yell "You're a bad person, I never do on a date with him anymore." Try: "I waited a long neck that you do not come, what happened?" Then listen to her answer, and you knew that later on you if you appreciate him calling to tell you when can not be done.

Your friend is mad at you right. You reveal your secret was, he left you when you need it you, or breaking the items that you want her. Apologize instead take action against institutions, and do not let that happen again.

Sometimes you also have to live with each other's bad habits. V. always "turtles" but you did a wonderful person, so boring that you have to start exactly on time. D. or talk and talk a bit more, so it is best to talk himself kept secret for yourself.

Finally, always remember that you are friends, not a mirror, not at always see things the same. Be sympathetic, honest and your friends forever no matter what happens.

7. Keep in touch
Life has many changes. People move from city to city, people go to school far away ... That does not mean they were out of your life if you still keep in touch. Call, write, email, remember birthdays, share news, visit ... The distance will not make a sincere friendship separated.

(The Purple Ink)

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