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The second cup 100

The first cup Duy weak typing it up early in the hospital, when he just woke up after coma.
It asleep Duy's bedside in a sob in its dreams and memories between Duy is on again ...
Only it and know each other in a very special situation, one day last year. Today is the last session of the old year, then leave us it will be New Year. Rather, the day was a day of school hygiene. It came out of the classroom, too late then, it thought maybe it was out on the latest. It sings walk along the corridor, then suddenly realize it on his hand still holding the cloth was very dirty "travels" with it during working sessions. It smiles at the rag then suddenly thrown back. Suddenly a "á", it turned around startled, just amazing just funny, then place the rag that it has landed the first throw of a name that is not used. It say "sorry" curt and then turned away. Complete story idea, one doubts the other names on the call it:

- Hey, stop! Sorry this computer is finished huh? said the other names just get the rag top down.
- what else? It's frustrating.
- It damages too.
- What you see behind him was "damage" anything but "compensation." To go back, "who said that we re im like a statue, they thought no one should be so but the new hammer throw.
- Tui did not know you, perhaps you caught me not to talk to an unfamiliar person walking behind you? with re ...
- "The Left" what?
- With the back I thought you were ... or earlier hearing you sing "around" so should not hear my footsteps only.
it as reasonable for a quiet and said:
- Why call me by "friends", who he missed me more than the stars?
- I do not know you, but I know you. You are Marine Grade 11a1. I grade 11a2, nè your neighbors, know the hip pocket huh?
- Do not know! finished talking, it goes a circuit to the garage quickly, leaving behind Duy called after hours:
- named Duy Tui, I forgive your hips first, I definitely will "revenge" *** ...

After the holidays, it's going to school in an excited mood. On the way from the garage into the classroom, it sings because it likes to sing too. Suddenly someone a coke head, pounding pain, it swung around the back, insulted who makes it a pain:
- Hey, no reason why that silly people naturally coke head? Crazy huh? Words, it's definitely just realized then that this name is Duy, and then that it hit a little yesterday.
- Forget me to play with? Thuy Duy has just asked an inquisitive look. - I had not realized?
- Yes. You crazy or what but my first go cup? Probably the wrong cup huh?
- no mistake! I told you not remember that you will avenge you?
- Oh, so now revenge is finished I got you, me and you do not engage each other. right?
- No! For me, the others threw up his head a dirty rag like that is terrible terribly offended. So a cup is not a head thing.
- So instead you want?
- Tui will be cup first, then you take down a hundred angry.
- Tui dare to challenge you there! After this, remove the layer Shui, Wei stood there laughing to himself.
Just walked into the shop class, listened to the Norwegian Water - it's little friend, says to:
- Marine Found Her home.
- See what?
- not you just speak to you?
- Yeah, but why? What's hip?
- Also fake deer, too, I say again recently heard nè.
- What?
- You Only just met you?
- Yeah, you know the little guy anymore huh?
- Sun! Why call it a bad bat.
- Bad little bit bad but it was called back.
- hotboy it!
- Hot body but something that hot, that they have touched.
- So you do not know about Duy then. It has handsome good school too, just moved into his school this year which has emerged as a puppet.
- Hot? everyone knows why I do not know me?
- Who knows you. But the circumstances that I heard this guy really pitiful. My father is lost early, the new mother died last year, the siblings do not have anything up here so stay with my aunt, but she is also very good, but old and unmarried, in raising their grandchildren are always so.

Play the Na finished talking, it felt something in my heart torment. It found myself thinking a bit too much, there was a problem with it then, but heavy words with people too. But is it correct to myself that despite what Duy also a clear glass top it hurts and then nothing ...

The next day ...

- Asia! ... Are you? I've said is not involved any more, then settled, how did you first my glasses?
- But I will say is it was the first cup 100 so that you now have two children, while a further 98 fraud.
a laugh with Thuy, Duy left. ... ... ...

- Duy Looks like it then you stop you!
- You do not have to guess random, I do not have to uynh.
- The stars I saw it under the glass top so you nostalgic?
- Heaven and earth, glass top that is "spots" huh? I told you how many times already. It is the second son of petty, calculating losses than with girls. Cruel, abusive ...
- Why do people have an aversion to such data?
- Yeah, I'm so there ... ... on Saturday

- Asia!
- Friday the then home!
- You just have to stop, do not have to see me do it fast. This week I have endured as much then. You too are doing, I miss you but only so long that revenge?
- Yeah, me too long enemies.
- Tui warned you that home, if you week after my first cup, but will it be her that I would MEC.
- You owe her to go to MEC huh?
- but I do not MEC If she is I will have other measures, I will ...
- What would you do?
- Not thought out, but you watch it, not my cup head again, listening to hip?
- Hong listening! Hehehe

hours to play that day, ran into the classroom Na cheerfully gave him the paper, it opens here: "I'm sorry Shui home! Ministry of Water I really hate you? I'm sure a little heavy-handed Marine should such new data. But look at Marine data so cute! Water for you tui do it? - Minh Duy. "
- Beautiful son that appointment letters.
It did not answer that Na quietly tore a sheet of paper, wrote back: "I can make you Duy Duy then again I do not cup the block! So the tie. Only grains with nodding again, beat her daughter is so painful that brute. "
- Na, bring it over to give me away Dum! Na sit and watch it run out of class but please see a strange serenity.

At school, Duy up close and hands him a slip of paper. Na it and eager to open: "So this morning I did from the first Marine a cup instead of greeting the morning block, until the full 100, because of my enemies so long, is said to do, I Chickenpox not forgive! But the Marine do not worry, I will be "extremely" light hand with Mercury, hihi "

So from there, a six-week sessions, averaging 24 days a month to go to school, it's morning it was one cup of a light head. It is not uncomfortable when the cup was more, but it was fun watching it as its own. Duy Some days off school sick, not being the first glass of it crashing into depression and memory miss. From being friends with Duy, Duy it or to the game very much, because it recognizes that an aunt of Duy - Aunt Phuong, enjoyed it and enjoyed it. Only the other day to play, rain came to the curfew, it must leave, then her two children fighting over Duy brought it home. It's very touching. Then finally, it is going for the motorcycle, and bicycle Duy followed to its "watch" it and aunt. Only say that it rains slippery roads should follow to miss anything to do with face sur
face is easy to arrange.

Well, Duy always been a careful, always interested and anxious for it. It felt between it and Duy not just pure friendship, which is something a little above the level of friendship but it did not really think much about it. Carefully to others but then again so Duy was unfortunate happening to me. That day is a very special day, to quit because it was the summation of that school, but for it this is not the only special thing, today is your birthday and it was the day Only it will be beginning its second 100 glass as if nothing has happened to Wei.

It's nostalgic without waiting to see Duy so they concentrate on school grounds because the ceremony was about to begin. The ceremony began, Duy has not come, it has started to see lo lo. Deputy Head teacher named Nguyen Minh Duy read more reward, do not see where Duy. It's incredible feel insecure, normal Duy has never late Where? The ceremony ended, he saw a woman talking to her teacher homeroom class Duy. Close to it realized that her methods, her eyes red, but why that? It is thought, then walked back to her seat.

- I greet you sir! Done it turned to question her methods:
- Auntie's wrong? Only where is your aunt? Why do not you see him to the ceremony? Aunt Phuong choked

- In the morning on the way to school, it was .. it ... she stepped up bouts Method - It was then hit by a car, is now in hospital emergency said ... The aunt then crying.
- I do not go to hospital, carrying her away?
- Yeah ...
tears that he did not know where to vent, it now also crying, as her method. It's afraid, afraid it will not be met because Wei on the way to hospital she Duy Phuong told it is very seriously injured.
- Auntie, Aunt Wei know why she was not hit by a car, normally very careful that you did?
- She heard several witnesses said it dropped something while on the road, then back to collect it, one doubts ...

aunt crying. Aunt hook hands sticking out of his pocket a locket clover shape make it very nice:

- The object that it is dropping the This way, you keep it going Dum, as it new consciousness, it is still holding this one ...
It took the locket in a sinful sense. Yesterday it told it like Wei is the story of clover too, it wished to have a pendant of clover. This is a birthday present for it Duy. Now, it estimated the price as it do not tell Duy it, but too late ... just arrived at the emergency room and her method, it also just steps from the doctor that, she hastily asked Methods:
- I do not have a doctor?
- Do not worry, now you have the danger, we have taken all the blood and bruises in her head, but ...
- But why doctors?
It is not promptly relieved, the doctor said:
- I'm still in a coma, but do not worry, I'll wake up,
- remember, the province is, why doctors who? It went mouth to ask.
- No Mercy it, then your child will wake up soon, and she assured me it kept going.

Only *** passed the recovery room. It sat around and Aunt Phuong Duy's bed. He saw limbs Only scratches the skin, but the white bandage across the back. It called to tell her parents she knows that it will stay in hospital until you wake it, it's parents agreed. It also calls for the Norwegian news report. By early afternoon, its parents, the Na, homeroom teachers and classmates of Duy us all to the hospital but they visited a few seconds and then back on. The aunt just got it and stayed. Puffy eyes because it was now crying. Not only regained consciousness. The aunt was sitting outside, now it's just sitting on the bed of the Wei. It tired to cry too much, then it drifted off ... A warm hand grab it, it's wake.

- Duy! It screamed out of happiness.
- Must I do not dream, or wake you lost it?
- Not Where dreams!
It's fun too burst out crying again and hugged one Duy.
- How Only erring so again?
- Tui ...
It found Duy hand touching something that search weakly.
- Must find this hip? It took the pendant out and ask.
- Well ..., given that Marine!
- Duy Tui see wild too well, because this is where to be hit by a car.
- This is the only one, I'd rather be hit by a car to hit me more than this to be a car crushed tick. I think if so make me a Marine will shout "fear of death which the wave function" to be hip?
- Hic ... I do think something bad like Duy, Duy scared in a while I know?
- Fear of what? Duy said, wiping tears out a hand to it.
- Only Fear will not wake up anymore.
- If I did not wake up, how can I afford that "feud" is instead.

Duy Then it hands the cup the second cup 100, the first cup of course, is not painful because Duy still weak, but it tears falling ...

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