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A boy invited her to attend the first parent meeting at school. What he feared was true, his mother answered. This is the first time friends and homeroom teacher met his mother and he was ashamed of her mother's appearance. Although also a beautiful woman, has a large scar covering nearly the entire right side of her face. The boy never wanted to ask her why she was so big scar.

At the meeting, everyone is very nice impression of the gentle and natural beauty despite the mother's scars meets the eye, but he is shy and tucked into a corner to hide from everyone. There, he heard his mother talking to her teacher.
"How can you be such a scar on the face?" His teacher asked.
The mother replied, "When I was young, it is in the room, loaded on fire. People are afraid to go in because the fire had caught up too high, and so I ran into. When I ran to the spot it, I saw a person is falling rafters and I took her to rush to cover it. I was beaten to faint, but it is fortunate that there was a fireman and had to rescue both my mother. " The mother touches the scar on the face crumpled. "The scar is not fighting anymore, but until today, I never regret what I did."

At this point, the boy ran out of his hiding place to the mother, tears in his eyes. The boy hugged his mother and felt her mother's sacrifice for her. The boy holding her hand throughout the day.

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