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Say and not say to a guy

A pretty face will attract the attention of the a short guy. A sincere heart and a skillful ability to chat will retain their long-term heart

5 things he really wanted to hear

Although not directly admit it, but he's cheerful attitude again proved that he really liked was when the girls say the following statements?

Then again how

The boys all want to be recognized as his charm. So there is nothing worse than when they tell stories that no one noticed. If you want to attract a guy do that, show him that you enjoyed their story. Do not just sit, smiling or "uh uh" only. Please add cute sayings to encourage him. It would fun to hear that you not only hear so polite.

"Really? That is impressive, "

When he tells a sweet memories ... thuomg commended as such, please give him the charming smile. When he told what in any event an appointment, which meant that he was very proud of it. Therefore, do not hesitate to praise him a little more. It shows your appreciation for the efforts of the guy and make him feel like a little prince!

"Thank you home!"

You need not say the word "sorry" too much when you are dating (of course unless you make a mistake then), but the words "thank you", then feel free to use. Thank you very cute when he commended the new dress, hairstyle, thank when he pulled a chair invites you to sit ... Here, the words "thank you" can be translated as "what I do, though only small, but very meaningful to me. " Do not forget the tiny breezes will help you to become a hurricane, rapid heart he excavated down!

"Once free, he used to do?"

Although about education, careers which are always a top priority in the eyes of the boys but that does not mean he has no pride in the life (and is very possible that he wanted to show it to you but have not found the right occasion only). Ask what the guy's hobby. If you're lucky, maybe time to appointment will be designed to fit the common interests of both there!

"When do you think about?"

No guy does not want to be reverence. Therefore, when polled, the experience, they are very excited and feel so useful, at least in the conversation they were asked. You can ask him about the secret team learning, buying electronics and other problems related to their expertise ... Particularly things related to shopping, fashion, female, flirting a guy or talk about hot boy ex can produce effects very bad there.

And four things you should not say it more than

"my boyfriend this past This ..."

And this means you are doing something for the guy face felt hot tip. You do not necessarily demonstrate a lack of decent old ex. It was only for the current show you're very angry because things are over. And whether you praise or criticize ex, the guy would only have only one way out: "You go out with me but my mind thinking about a whole other guy!"

"I have a phone!"

Of course any guy would not bother if there is an emergency phone call from family, friends ... But if you only go out with that guy 2 hours 30 minutes is all for you sms, listen to the phone ... he will not at all what fun. Better to arrange your private affairs in good order and do not bring them into the offline dating.

"You see how the new shirt. I also know much more venomous stores always ... "

be careful girls! In addition the boys have very good aesthetic appeal or a fashion designer, XY normal color can not distinguish the color of sand on the desert sand and wet where sir! You can get answers innocuous like "Yeah there nice" or "was there" with a boring face. Take advantage of the sports theme, entertainment news ... but the boys are also excited, and for fashion, cosmetics back to the society of her close girlfriends!

"Some day I met his parents to play me!"

This question is very likely to cause allergic reactions in times of their first date. Many boys do not want to face the day with her parents they had just met a few times. This does not mean they are not serious with you. They simply want to find out first girlfriend only.

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