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The sand castle

brilliant sun. On the beach, a boy bent down to touch the sand next to a small bucket. When a bucket full of sand, it upside-down boy down the sand. Lift the bucket and there was a boy building a sand revolution.

However, the imagination of a boy who does not just stop at a home circle. The boy dug a small trench around the house to enjoy protection. The lid of bottles and shells become longer guards the cream sticks to become the bridge connecting the buildings together. A castle's really a handsome prince in fairy tales.

Way that far, the city crowded, noisy atmosphere, with vehicles such as wood. A man working in the office. He folded the paper stack on a desk, exchanged a few words over the phone, then type in your computer. His face lit up as to achieve good results: the contract is signed and collect more profit. Every day he came to work, make plans, anticipated market conditions. There are a guard, has Tinn wages, profits, and the company is also a dream castle in which he is a king of all things.

Two men are building their own castles. They have many similarities: achieving results for them as well from very small efforts. They are passionate and persistent. For each person, the castle he was building had very special meaning and very important.
However, when the tide turned, he was not surprised or scared at all. He jumped up on the waves, clapping and grinning celebrations to see the waves rolling into the sea castle. Boy completely calm. He held out the shovel and bucket, knowing that the tide was rolling out to sea sand, and that tomorrow morning he will re-build a new home more beautiful.
But adults are often not so. When difficulties come, they see it as a bad thing rather than the normal tide at sunset. They are often depressed to the extent not think morning tide would pull back and we can start building something else better and better.

Perhaps that is one of the things that adults have to learn from children.


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