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Samples dating your guy

dating guy I would like? It is always the biggest questions of the girls. Let's see for the test "him" how your offline
1. Was their first date, you will:

a. Very shy and not easy for you to attract the gaze of men

b. Take advantage of windows of the soul - makeup thoroughly with mascara and eye creams, pastel eye makeup for sexy attractive guy

c. Threatened him with a stare - he must know who you are, but he is one!

2. Below what attracted your eye when you first walk into a shop on the street:

a. Blue light pale pink, anything soft and feminine

The patterns created - as light as possible

c Color silver, gold, light metal ... anything iridescent

3. A man passes you on the street and you went back to look at him again, as he

a. Young Intellectuals worth love with her figure tall, black-rimmed glasses and elegant approach in the work may be tricky

b. It's attractive, sexy - dress fashion and not afraid to express what I have

c. Rebellion - with the eager, cold and there are many holes pierced, tattoo

4. Which of the following scene always makes you feel most comfortable:

a. Majestic mountains - so you can be alone with nature

b. Sea - where else can you and your bikini area with waves

c. City scene - Deleting the crowds and skyscrapers are the inspiration for your TV

Mostly A: The cake sweet - the envy of friends with you because he always invites you to eat or drink voluntarily portable map helps when you go shopping, but you never really know what did it like?

The charm of femininity and you've won the hearts of most who contact you (both male and female), but you should be more careful with their behavior if that's the guy, because the sweetness of your lovely easy to make the guy that you are misunderstanding what it meant to him when you do not really think of anything.

Most of the B: She was confident, personality - you are the soul of the party and you like the boys have strong political opinions - just like you. While it can lead to constant quarrels, no longer denying that disagreements will then gradually disappear and give way to love the catalytic activity once you remove the bottlenecks in the relationship of themselves.

Mostly C: haughty, arrogant - is what they say about you, but you only see it as the compliment. You do not care how other people think, you can even deliberately left that to annoy others. You choose your boyfriend is quite difficult, because you like the guy a little break and rebellious ways.

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