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Said the rich

When I entered school, I hear," I must learn it well, do not A lost you, you B.
parents never accept losing the child they did. " Of course then I do not understand what competition is! But I understand that human life begins with a race that I always have a winner! Children bring to parents' 10 points and received the warm affection of the three. But until the low mark, or words of rebuke for the lash of three children so much! Why is only prepared to receive the victory that did not teach you how to receive the failure? And how to stand up after the defeat but!

From her small child is cute, both commended the children and create better conditions for children. In my eyes no one as beautiful as you and I never played with his ugly black trash in the neighborhood.
I admired but I have no friends. Sometimes I want to play with your mom around but it makes me scared of them dirty, and scared the crowd to play with "normal." Children are taught a class higher than his, but had never been taught to socialize!

These relationships are also parents of child placement, the family entertainments uncle Ba , attention because of the opportunities their parents. My parents taught me to "win" at every opportunity, but I never learned to create opportunities for others.
The parents are taught to counsel for success. Child of parents is to succeed, but it seems like little children learn how to how to accept defeat.

I was told that her parents are rich and his family have enriched , but it seems like parents do not realize that we are very poor people and the poor human love. Children are taught to know how to make others wrong and told them to kneel. But rarely are taught to respect other people like.

I was taught just to attack others, but few are taught how to turn enemies into friends.
genetics from my parents, I often criticize people, here and there and often encouraged, please do so. I was never taught to know and thanks for a compliment others.
I was taught be competitive, but reconciliation seems a little-known. Normally you are advised to take increasing hatred, but little need to teach compassion and forgiveness do! Three
Mom! So now you are being squeezed, unforgiveness, rejection was contempt, not a shelter and more importantly, no love ... when we are no longer the property anymore!


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