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Rudy's Angels

I walked into the grocery store but never know what to buy. I'm not hungry. The pain has just lost beloved spouse after 37 years of marriage are still bleeding. And the effect this has saved many beautiful century economy that we've ever had.

Rudy and I often come here and almost every time he is on a corner and pretend to somehow find something that I enjoyed. I know he's going to do. I will always see him coming toward me with three yellow roses in her hand. Rudy know yellow roses are my favorite flower.

With broken hearts, I just want to buy a few things you need and leave immediately, but even the shop becomes another from Rudy's death. I suddenly realized that there was no Rudy, I spent so much time to think and choose. Life has really changed.

Standing next to the meat counter, I try to find the most delicious piece of beefsteak, which Rudy knows how fancy. Suddenly, a woman approached me. A woman with yellow hair, slim and looks very pretty, dressed in pale green west. I looked up at her while she was choosing a package of meat large T, then push it into the car hesitates for a moment, she put the shelf. She turned away without thinking how to put it back again trolley. She looked up at me and smiled.

- "My husband really likes this kind of reality is to say high prices like this ..."

I tried to compress my feelings and looked at her with pale blue eyes.

- "My husband had died only eight days." I said, his eyes glanced at the package of meat on her hand, with a voice. "Get him away. And please respect the moments that you are together."

She nodded, and I can read emotions when she put the package of meat and push the car. I continue to push the car of dairy goods. I stood there, trying to decide what to buy milk. I was now alone! I finally choose a car and drive toward 250ml cream stand near the door. If not anything else, I usually rewarded himself a box of strawberry ice cream, something very like Rudy.

Cream I put the box into the car and proceed to checkout. Struck my eye was the western green light. I suddenly realized that a woman friend was coming toward me, holding her hands on something. On her face is glowing happily, her eyes watching me intently. When she approached, I felt tears when she saw the hand.

"We are of her, madam!" She said and placed three beautiful yellow roses in my hand. She assured, they have been paid. "And she hugged me, kissed lightly on the cheek.

I want to tell her what she did for me and the yellow rose of how meaningful to me, especially during this time ... But I stood there, transfixed death, not for words, tears flowing. I looked down at the gold roses bunch very nice glass of pale green paper plates, do not believe his eyes. How she knows this secret ????

Suddenly everything becomes clear Of course. I never lonely. "Oh! Dear Rudy, he did not forget me right? "I whispered, tears in her eyes. Rudy always PRESENCE me and HER IS HIS ANGEL.

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