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Romeo's love letter today

Please do not wait a little love play perfect but enjoy the sweet little thing that for you.
Hello, dear people!
I or criticism he is not wasting any romantic. But actually he was "wet" as the main, is it that I've only looked neglected. I once said to me, you love to be immersed in the love poems and the red rose petal. But if I can do that, will you get on you for "just a guy Sen tacky" is not it?

Baby, boys have their own romantic way that girls will not understand what! I remembered when he invites me to watch his soccer nè hips? Yet again I flatly refused because each offense "where it was not romantic at all." Yeah, I know that she's not like he has a noisy place just has a very hot read is ... dirty as the soccer pitch. You know, when a guy asked a girl to do the same thing "so that his son" means a man trying to lead her into her own world. And it also means that he wants I was told: "You want to be near you more, to share his entire life with me." Hehe, you're nervous if you know this little secret, will you agree to cheer I'm in for the next soccer match. Oh, nothing would make me more excited.

you or blame you for not knowing how to "love" them. Oh, how the petitioners for me too! Perhaps the romantic gesture of him too "light sign" do you not realize (depressed!). I have noticed in my hand softly touch my hand when we walk, you see he was always the last seats for children to sit, or quietly put back a long long K unexpected stubbornness on my forehead. You can, for a girl like you, that's very normal thing, then for the boys "robot" like him, it's a great thing (as if he has just invented a love sonnets or sing you a love song that my front porch!) but also confess, this is the safest way, if you refuse to miss you? She's darling, please do not wait a little love play perfect, but enjoy the sweet little things that for you.

I proved sulky if he can prove negligence in two minutes one-way conversation of me for some endless hours! Darling, if you are another girl - one who does not love him, instead he will travel to the ears long rùi. But because she is the darling of his department, so he volunteered to "always listening, always divided sharing. "Em nè, you know he has a machine is available as a separate program to take note of what is incredibly important, what they like and dislike, as I like to eat spaghetti, like to eat pho without removing the same black ... So, when I want romance, I'll show you. Yesterday, I was not jumping up and down because he found me a CD that I enjoyed it so ? Or pasta dish he gave me as birthday, even slightly scorched ... but you still feel you and I are very very close together, like you and me is a way! So you can "feel" as he not?

So then, he has solved a difficult problem is the difficulty that dear little girl ordered him to do for it! Baby, the only guy or something sweet like sugarcane new back is greatly vigilance, because they can not tell the truth where. So, I still love that robot romance "like him, but it?

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