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Road to love

The way to love a man is overcome. And women, their way is fascinating. Men like iron filings crowd, while women like magnet, the attraction of females is known can not resist. Not only is the new beautiful seductive women that each have their own charm.
allure of women

Time Three Kingdoms little man but the face and intellectual integrity, such as Confucianism Minh. Long time in China, Confucianism, Ming is 27 years old guy, tall, bright face, eyes bright, his intelligence intelligent, brilliant talent. But his wife is a woman Minh little beauty. Usage is stated that: "Khong Minh ugly lady, do not want to see close." Only one sentence was enough that he and wife Khong Minh's humble about how beauty.

feudal times, married son, her husband and marry often imposed by their parents. But Khong Minh getting married is completely voluntary, because his parents died early, no one pressed him in vain talk of love. Confucius himself for his wife as aromatic cup of tea, which showed that his wife but not beauty but have real traction.

Men of old, especially those with high spiritual life Khong Minh, the cup of tea is extremely precious, as precious aromatic tea. One woman likened Khong Minh aromatic cup of tea is a pleasure. Make a talented man is hard to conquer. Making a woman allure more difficult. Beauty such as flowers, early blooming, sophisticated, beautiful and charming at first ignored the beauty embryonic phase.

Many girls find themselves in the mirror of beauty, the modest self-deprecating, that I have no charm. But men love very practical, they look like beautiful women longer to marry a beautiful girl, they again hesitated. I have a very handsome guy and talented. Many women who love him. And he also loved many beautiful girls but eventually married a woman very ordinary beauty.

He told me: "These beautiful girls come to you or you have conquered them look really attractive, but they can not teach a child to her as a kind teachers, much less become a wife gentle classical sense. " Many boys have chosen a partner in this direction and that is the smart man.

To become a woman allure you need to cultivate the virtues promised road he can make a wise wife. Women today tend to be overlooked virtues. They wear too stuffy, that's how "offer" and not so glamorous. "Offer" means to sell is also attractive to bond hundred years, two of which differ with gold brass. The allure of women also expressed in capacity as wife and mother.

son liked to watch her daughter wear something like a transient, but in the despised. They shy and somewhat afraid of the girl dressed discreetly, proper behavior, but the problem is what trust and respected.

Allure of women showing each a person looks. Someone burned the eyes as other people. There is a voice heard in the light and warmth for life boring. Have a pure soul back, primordial tradition, men experience a memorable one.

It is truly seductive. All the above must learn, must have long-term training. Want to become a modern woman, but not hard to become a wealthy woman living culture is not easy at all.

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