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River life

I can only Fate is a river, sometimes ignoring the hole goes, sometimes the waves get up inside. My fate is a flat river many times, I do not know where the river will go on. As never know what is starting, I do not know where the end point, for which infinite life.
I've heard the story of a man. When he was 20 years old, he wandered the beach looking for her gem, but confused it with pebbles. When he was 30 years old, he was no longer mistaken that is pearl distinguish what is gravel. And when he's 40, he can know what a gem you are looking for. But unfortunately, was late.

Who are absorbed in finding the pearl of life that may not have realized it was too late. Late! What is late? Late that when people feel there is no time to start something. Today, someone asked me, was 20 (one third of his life) had nothing to conclude? Simply because I feared late, I fear not find a pearl in the river when their fate was not late. There is no reason to wait until people 30-40 years of age to distinguish between real fake, right and wrong, says his new birth in this life for?
20 years old, I have to go find her pearls, and also have not found, no one will blame me at all. Sometimes I find myself just as a stepping stone, unlucky, ugly, to drift waves and the sand was filled ... Jade also would, also buried until we find it. But I hope, will never be late for the finding. Never be late when it was still possible to have a start. Although still not sure where to start only start as soon as we can.
I knew I was a river, the cloudy cool when experiencing fragile and broken, crushed hopes off, in blue as the desire of peace, the calm as when I passed by someone who lives (albeit a bit tainted leave from rivers that are still cool to go smoothly), up the waves as suddenly as trust is betrayed, love only at heavy loss, damage.

Then I will come back from that river, as may be arrested beginning and no end ... But if you can choose an ending and a beginning, I would choose: End

this one turned out the other end a

As falls quiet river float
And the end of suffering
Is it happy?

(According khocviem. org)

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