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Risk of disease crushing shopping

Patients with impulse buying is always thinking of shopping in stores and when they can not control this behavior.
Van 26 years old, quite beautiful, modern, doing office secretary for a multinational company. With her current salary and the status is single, anyone thinks that her life is comfortable. But really everyone that she always likes to go shopping when they travel alone, time away with friends. Nearly every day she must stop at a store that was originally intended to buy a few items necessary but often time is ... even a large handbag.

home visiting friends, she found hundreds of pairs of shoes filled out the two large cabinets, many of which are sometimes also linked to raw price of the employer proves it may take many hours. She explained that she bought them because the irresistible desire to buy shoes when you see them, but in fact she has no need to take it.

One time later, people see her colleagues began to borrow money to pocket. Then everyone that she does not go shopping again in a few days but at the same time her mood changed dramatically as well can not concentrate on work, or sitting alone, not talking to anyone, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, easily startled ... She felt as though I no longer exist in this world. Friends told her to come and visit a psychiatrist diagnosed her shopping impulses in patients with mixed anxiety disorders - depression.

According to Dr. Le Quoc Nam, patients with impulse purchases are often urged to regularly go and buy stuff and not really necessary consequence is that they often cause financial difficulties or problems in relationships family, social, career ... Nearly all patients are fully aware that I usually buy stuff that you do not need but still can not resist the need to continue shopping. This disorder is common in women than men about 9 times.

Vicious cycle of debt purchase and

The Australian Consumers Association, the percentage of people with impulse buying is increasing. About one in every 12 people shopping in Australia there is a human disorder. People with impulse shopping can go shopping all year round but usually they are shopping more on the festival, Tet.

The start of the shopping process is always the same together, into the shop with the intention of buying one or two items but never getting out of stores as well ... is a very big bag. Sometimes out of the shop after they did not remember that I bought anything and for any purpose for each item. These animals are often bought clothes, jewelry, shoes, CD ... Purchase of furniture they brought into the warehouse and store seldom used. They also hide or to buy special items to avoid being scolded by a relative or a lie about the purchase (say lower than actual prices). Impulse buying essentially the same as alcoholism, gambling or eating uncontrollably evidence.

Through the purchase, they feel confident, comfortable and forget about the difficult other difficulties in life, sometimes they feel that only through the purchase of their new sense of self-existent or self-worth affirmed. But the good feeling exists only a temporary and transient should then continue to have this feeling they have to go shopping more.

After the lease purchase agreement They also felt remorseful regret spending unreasonable, but the next day in front of the shop, the idea of ​​remorse is gone. If family or friends comment on the buying habits of this nonsense, they often deny the problem, find ways to justify and hide the things they buy. The end result was that most fall into debt, deprivation and relationships with family, friends, colleagues often turn for the worse, such as divorce, loss of friends because without borrowing money forever pay ... In addition, these people also often incorporate other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders ...

Dr. Nam said, if the disorder You should consult a psychiatrist for counseling or psychological treatment as necessary. To curb impulse shopping, before shopping in stores have prepared a list of things to buy at home, think carefully about the need to list each item as and when the store just to buy was strictly necessary on the list and then go out immediately, not to look looking around. Carry a sufficient amount of cash. Should go shopping with friends and relatives so they can advise you when needed. Avoid watching the advertising or promotion is too much. Avoid shopping when you're stressed, depressed, anxious ...

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