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Retain little naive

Sun He kindly brought us together, as fate, so there must be fate.
I love you with love White's love in the early, lean the shy blushing dewdrops night parked on the newly sprouted grass young in the spring, when things, to test different flowers sprout, thrive, flourish.

Two children often talk nicely, the true nature and heart and feel there are too many similarities in thought and conception of life.

I remember the first day I wore my shoulder slightly while both are steps on the waves after a romantic evening stroll under the guidance calm moonlit night, the stars shimmering spread. My heart trembled, feeling the tingling blood vessels along the body, to think back I still see smarting gas, shaken.

Last long after he took my hand, not only for the table cold hands warm on my back but once I came face flushing cold winter wind. Why God born of the fingers have interstitial space? Is to have a blow in the other hand we can fit to highlight the shared experience as well as anyone in this world will find the missing half of their own. Because people want to recognize the true value of happiness should be the new god who deliberately split into two separate bodies such. Look away, you'll see! Feeling hands knit together make me warm strange, wanting to be alone forever hold his hand, happy to go the distance throughout his later life.

He whispered : "How long has he tried the search again and see his half." I am pleased and think, I was most fortunate of the world. Once out of the bye, he hugged me so long, I thought he was melting. Strange feelings never come to me so far. I saw the empty chest beat continuously and suddenly felt, my heart are no less busy, as I understood it "right heart" means star. At night, I was restless, feeling overwhelming joy to pursue me forever not only came to believe that he is his true love, and he texted me: "I love you like life! ". My life has never been so beautiful.

I "confessed" to him that I was his appeal, had to spend time thinking about him quite a few times meeting. In my dream for several weeks is always a face him. After receiving his confession on a significant day - important for both, I can confirm that there really was magical relationship between our Republic. When I love him most as he is also willing to sacrifice everything for me. That makes me happy.

It was at that time I made it clear one thing with him, though truly love me, ready to follow him in person "corner tank, the horizon" is sometimes I have to make a conscious decision not to follow the wishes of their own. If you have a headache made me think, looking like being strangled in the anxiety, concern about his feelings for. Love is easy, simple, but for harmony, build, nurture each other to live life as a fairly arduous. If one day I discovered his lack of loyalty, made me jealous ... If he betrayed me, going against convention appointment of two little words, I will give up all, will not embrace him as the early ... will use the cold of reason that gotten out of the image plane their lives.

When I witnessed him dating her younger colleague, beautiful vacation after the agency did make me hit them all. I can not pass, do not be brave enough to face the free market, how afraid the look, mixed with pity for the people around.

Life and fate! Besides the joy is always a hidden sadness, the girl you love will fight passionately devoted all my heart and mind is always a headache for his loving care and to give someone you love dearly by any any reason, you definitely are not as easy as a routine goodbye.

I quietly leave me, every day of my footsteps as indeterminate, including images of sunny days radiant spring suddenly disappears, everything around me to stop all air movement in a constant sadness over many years, things change so left.

Soon after that, I know I got married, after many times my eyes cry for you, then this diaphragm suddenly drained, lifeless look into nothingness. My computer desk opens to open file folder nhup memories, this is a Word file I had hit each time you send SMS messages, stored in a long time. Over the provision emotional level, turbulent ups and downs of love couples. Just a past time only, to retain what little square that naive ... I press Shift + Delete then shutdown, put it outside to sit along the pristine night sky filled with twinkling starlight night, just us with our outreach to hold a square too many innocent souls full post ignorance ...

All mere memories.

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