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Respect in love

According to the psychologist, respect is one of the main foundation of love. However, with the young, this is often forgotten.
In a survey of pocket, 45/50 girls confirmed that they will break up if people do not feel loved respect. Reason "disrespectful" is considered one of the main causes of broken love. However, the paradox is only about 35/45 girls could correctly answer their needs like respect from fans. The girls also proved fairly vague concept.

Respect half his past and present

The pronoun Vietnamese Dictionary, "religion" means someone put up a noble position, "weight" means notice, appreciate, combining these two concepts, "respect" means that you always put on on his way. The thoughts, feelings and actions of the enemy is always of interest.

Historically, respect means that husband and wife must be submissive, obedient husband. In contrast, the husband and wife do not be offended. Balance respect for differences on the preferences before men.

Time today, respect comes from both sides. Respect involves listening to each other, overcome by the personal comments of each other, not insult each other, not despise each other's feelings and not force the opponent to change preferences, because their thinking.

When succumbing to respect the rule mentality

While there are some differences in love, but respect the past and present have be described by saying four words: "Mutual respect as innovative", meaning a new respect for each other. Onset of this statement is from an unwritten rule. When starting a relationship with anyone, you tend to care about their interests, make decisions and they are always careful in their responses every word.

In love, the respect is more than evident. The first phase is also the period both conquering are different. These lovers will grant each other the good words and attitude towards each other with as much respect.

Over time, the increasingly close relationship, both parties increasingly more familiar. They begin to notice each other's bad habits and do not understand the situation of integrity as I thought. Feeling conquered also reduce eagerness. When familiarity approached almost a harmony, they will also speak and behave trio missing more subtle.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Mai, 25, a professional designer, said: "Days before, a fussy when I'm at the wrong time, gently told him he was tired. Then when we are together two years, he responded by asking me: "Is not that crazy pet go now?". "Needless to say I'm stunned how. Noticed my surprised, he soothed away but I'm still not comfortable. "

Reaction lover Thu Mai is not unusual or unique. Treat with each of them to the already familiar with a similar old item is not usually keep your attention as new purchases.

The familiar living both psychological complacency. to outsiders, few dare you serious nagging words because you know they can react, cutting off a relationship or hurt you. With love, the probability of this occurring is very low and that you are free to behave not careful with them.

underground river boats can sink

The lack of respect in the love expressed in many forms such as verbal insult, rude behavior, promises, despise the opinions and needs of each other ... It is a common phenomenon, but a lack of respect is very difficult to accept, especially for low literacy, which is more sensitive and delicate.

Treat disrespect is not synonymous with love fall. However, lack of respect extends to destroy waves of love underground hit shipwrecked. When lovers are no longer respected, insiders will feel dissatisfied, hurt and not eager to maintain the relationship. The following story is an example.

Bich Van, 25, bank employee and appearance, 25, sales people love each other nearly 3 years and will marry in late November. In preparation for the wedding, their disagreements arise . But when talking Bich Van serious proposal, not to the third question, Chapter had shouted: "Come tired, you know what I'm saying it. There are also saying that forever. "

First, Bich Van shocked before, but the attitude of the lovers try swallowed. Two days later, the van has just opened his mouth, Chapter once again behave like ago. The anger, Van destroy marriage proposal.

Many people charge too impatient Bich Van. expressing her warm memories: "Before, when I propose to talk seriously, he would always listen. For now, I'm not saying all questions, he shouted. How did he know what I'm saying is that any protection and do not even know all heard? How can I live with a husband who disrespect me like that? "

The vulnerability stems from Van's needs and his words were ignored. On the program, there Perhaps he tired and busy to have responded to a vulgar way. If Bich Van can more tolerant and more calm appearance, their relationship will not come to a breaking levels.

Please respect each other to keep the love

It can be seen, not so much respect from love but love is not sustainable long can long if the lack of respect. So do not ignore for a minute or anger, but let the words or actions disrespectful, hurting each other.

The best way to prevent yourself disrespectful behavior is always put yourself in the enemy position. Just think you can tolerate words or actions that do not? When in love, your attitude is different now?

If love is manifest lack of respect for you, determined to talk seriously! to him expressing your feelings and understand your thinking. If he does not change in a positive way, you should review their relationship to the appropriate decision.

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