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Request remote ...

Not having limited geographic distance but people tend to love virtual love would not pull closer.
Each bear shocks in romance, fear of being hurt but still need care, share the general formula of these guys, and she was running according to the current trend of virtual love.


"I really do not know if you have coarse or impolite or not that person loves his little subject I met her to the almost forgotten her face "-the letter from his friend's email made me really surprised. Last month, prove to me that he had found love. A gentle servants, hard. Watch for her for three years but not enough courage to say ", I think I'll see someone you love the others paired.

It was not until after they separated for a year, waiting for all the solace he dare confess my heart. Hesitated again and again, people love the new agreement. Glad he did not description. Yet, he loved how long pent, now shown, as DC current.

Then he says, love is often expressed through their chat with each other by the beauty of love. Every morning, he would get the message wished the new day, she will remind him every lunch meal meals on, I call, goodnight.

Sometimes, to supermarkets, find shirt, nice pants, she also donated his shop. First time, he fainted so happy that things simple. "Taking care of each other but for everyone so I invited her to open mouth coffee, go to the book ... she seldom answered, with all the reasons for refusal. Her way home my house is only about fifteen minutes by motorcycle. It seems to her to see me as little as possible "- he pressing.

disease .... afraid of love

story did not close in real life as my friend thought rare, one doubts, quite common. While listening to touch this subject, you do the same firm she had sobbed, "my boyfriend, too, said the trade call, saying very little memory, but met. When asked, only to supermarkets, around, did not talk to each other so I do not understand a bit more about him at all. "

Limit met but crackers occasions, her lover's extremely ga-wheel, gifts, greeting cards ... fully. The days of Tet, no need to mention, he also purchased gift to the visits and then, to righteous parents Tet. "Who knows to look at our relationship seriously" - she confirmed my colleagues so.

ngoe crossed story of those who love each other really makes me wonder. Who knows, this expression of interest, care ... has long been considered a signal of love. Only when there is love, people can for each other that. In this situation, the guys in the know are to be loved but yourself both sides feel they are not enough.

Determined to find out there, I once was acquainted with Ngoc Huong, his best friend's girlfriend, through her chat nick. Strange thing is when I take coffee every direction, she has time and be happy. Once close, Perfume is not afraid to share: "The wound on the old heart, that I was afraid." Feel emotional Hung, my friend, so long as the speak, Huong agreed. "I need someone who needs attention and care for someone to find themselves not empty" - Huong confessed. Love is not enough to push the pair of you should close encounter Hung Huong very limited.

"The situation then, for the close"

reason for Hung Huong avoid legitimate earth that I want to, want help you improve yourself is not. Perfume can not charge for this but still sorry. It might have been, the heart is injured knew of waiting, said cultivate friendships lifted before it is love, perhaps, they will not push their love to fall into this category.

I heard tell of Ngoc Quynh Huong, receptionist a 5 star hotel in the city. Inherent fear of having broken up his first love has led to the following Quynh while also maintaining a virtual state of love. Takes more than six months of tormented love, love Quynh choose to leave because they can not accept styled "after missing the previous loss" like that. Realize the futility of the value of the message, by email ... I really love the person no longer has the side.

Clearly, each party to understand the requirements of this virtual root causes leading to the love scene of his unusual. However, lack of confidence and lack of positive attitude, they always wait to forget the suffering, torment, but who love their subject. Outcome good or bad the story like, are dependent on time and patience of the rest. Remember the words of Quynh blame: "Why do not pull that stupid love closer," I heart lemon. The cost for the love ... chances are remote that the real apart

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