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Request from a second look

Somebody once said:" Just to see you happy is he happy then, "that you have as sophisticated know? He also said it to you and hope you always happy, but then indeed he has no other choice.

especially true Love is not it? Special irony in what it has given her, the irony brings me to come to me and bring me back ... Maybe I do not remember where, for the first time I met you, I feel normal, even a bit uncomfortable when you take me to get him to just copy music to the phone for you. I do not know, but then he has no feelings whatsoever.

Last Monday, when I see you is when you are having difficulty in life, no home, no money , and a bit of trouble, he went to the friend who took him first to his side, looking for help. Yeah! What circumstances he met you and then ironically. You arrived, fresh out of pretty pretty dresses, smiling like a little rose, contrary to the assumption of his tragic at the time. And it seems they did not pay attention to where he sat moody real sports hall and sporting good talking to you.

I know? All suffering in life seems to vanish in him, he was unable to sit still, gradually approaching the railing, watching me intently. Gestures, actions and especially your smile then he can not forget is, it seems they have rushed into the wind took his soul! Difficulties gradually passing, he remained a friend and hope that one day they will return. Day 7 / 10 of that year, my birthday and he was invited, I would not say I understand how much joy. Not know what gave me the gift, they drag you to buy what he is ... sweet potatoes, turnips peas, shrimp and more to come celebrate my birthday. Unexpected, but that the gift makes a naughty student birthdays most fun he had ever expected, and it is also the first time he was the last time you ate pancakes hand do. Maybe he will never forget! 20/10, on women in Vietnam, he did not remember how much I've taken a picture with you again, my pictures are also radiant, fresh and beautiful.

We talked not so much about me, stories under the sun, even the story ... political, literary stories ... Just as we did in the tri century long ago. High moonlit night over with, he spread his soul, something is growing inside me! That night the moon is bright is not it? But I suspect that's where the only night since you know, the new moon was so bright. I like the moon, but I like the full moon. He enjoys a perfect, round and I always crave something. Now he has not got much, just felt a little sad moment in my past. From that day, sometimes through free as he moved me, I walked back along the new road right next to the house, where the first talking again, about the old days, about education .. But that 's why he felt his two kids fit yours this way, you are sure it is tri century, but he would expect something bigger.

I'm sick! His zeal in the party, as an oil rub, when to buy porridge, sometimes wet towel ... I can not sit still is, looked pale lips, eyes closed, he felt loved you so much. Children from the disease, dropping him to duck broth, to see her healthy he happily accepted the invitation. Do not know where they learn, see you eating porridge that the cranberry juice on, his smile, and coddle you, "I saw many strange in my body, for example, like ice cream this winter?". Somewhat surprised he has not ever see it, just smile smile "Empty Rooms." Wrinkled nose me smile. School he organized art, blowing air all week preparing huc finally be on the show. He is not good at singing, with his friend only to bring some magic and show us you are special to me. He invited all friends, opaque green bicycle carrying out the same school performances. You should then have told him the motorcycle ahead to prepare. What happier, go to De La Thanh, the congestion, nearly an hour passed and still rules, so that you and I are happy as if nothing has happened, the first time in his life felt like ... how much traffic, because it helped him to be near your side longer. Performance in unanticipated right back, everybody 's a pity. He encouraged me a bit sad but, he felt elated harder.

Cold weather will move, you invite him to go buy the book, but that bike cycling, he happily accepted the invitation. I timidly took from his pocket a pair of woolen gloves and give it to him: "He wears the nè, giving him ...", he was stunned that take a while. Carrying me on the street, please do not describe his heart strangled! One night, there was quite late, he sat on the railing watching the night sky, and you are coming! I see you sad, just feel a little warm wine. He bit angry, but sad to see her again alone, wandering the streets, he timidly took her hand and said softly: "What's also trying to overcome it, do sad, if you believe, please tell me the same. .. ". I do not say anything, slightly pursed his lips and looked at him, eyes succulent. Day and evening, when children are free to wander through his call, just a voice softly and makes my heart jump for joy, he suddenly sensitive to the voice of children on waiting hours and days lovingly call it. You and me just walking on familiar streets, sometimes laughing like two kids, sometimes close to each other because of the cold, then a sitting bench, I told him the sad story fun.

As I once saw a restaurant opposite the hanging red lanterns, you sad moment, told him about the movie "red lanterns hanging high," I'm sad. He hugged her in my heart, hope you go with sadness! I went with my job then slowly everyone knows, a neighbor's sister was a friend of you have met him speak. She told a message that he does not seem to believe it anymore, I have a boyfriend and he should stop. I do not believe, can not be like that, all this time, I never see you talk about it, he does not see current hybrid, only to see her sometimes sad, and still he did not believe coming to you. Whether something is a terrible news to him, his afternoon walk in the rain or not, both wet, his illness, he lay nearly motionless for three days in a row, the pain tired. Yet only a glimpse of you, hear your sweet voice, everything is gone.

I get better quickly and together they continued to walk on a familiar road, including glad to hear the sad each day. It seems just like him and me is enough, I think so and no longer care what her neighbors said. Sometimes I go home late and drunk, he sad. Beside you every way, he found it difficult to understand, you and I know each other like that, but I still hid him what that make you depressed. I can not explain and ambiguous thinking of her neighbors said. He hugged you tightly in my heart, until she seemed asleep in your arms. I know that at heart I feel peace. He looked at her sleeping feel so happy, red lips, my skin smooth. He wanted to kiss the lips that was so. I suddenly woke up, looked at him intently and then quietly closed his eyes, he understood what was happening and gently placed a kiss on the lips. I never saw such a miracle again all! It is wonderful to know how much! When he kissed me, the universe did not appear to mean anything, just you and me. A tear gently rolling down my cheeks. And I also feel that I'm happy!

Every generation, every time I go somewhere on, they get jobs and taught classical dance training in the evenings, they cross the and called him, when he waited at the gate, just 10 minutes, even 5 minutes to see each other as he felt so happy to know how much. He had told me a lot, said the first words of love. Whenever you about, he hugged her tightly, kissed me and whispered to me that "I love you so much!", I receive love but never once told him that for love. There are times when he asked me frankly, but I just joke and clever replies, "I tried to, near to my heart then." "So where are you?". Mischievous child, "You're looking at ... stem." He felt sad but I believe time will bring you to me. Then what is to come to, the fateful day that he understood all the reasons that I still have questions after I came. I was ill, his friend began to tease his sister to have to take care of my stay, then perforated on all continents to him at my side.

Here for you all day I do not want to leave leave me at all but was rather late, he remained uncomfortable. Coddle you ask him to stay a little more. There is no reason to reject him, but that's the irony, at least, as my boyfriend is really back. He heard a knock at the door, a young man with two large users are Valy stood at the door, he did not know who is that guy, only to see her telling him to get tired earlier. He saw that guy standing there dumbfounded for a long time and I suddenly understood everything. Turns out all of her neighbors said is true but it's hard to imagine this. I can not sit still but to talk to that person at that time just added fuel to the fire. He returned to a heavy heart. Two days can not see me through, I really confused, in the evening, I went towards him tired, I limp form, every thought running all went away, I just feel great. Sitting at the bench, I told him all about her boyfriend studying abroad, about the loneliness of children, and said that she will leave, will come from the life of both people because they feel too sin. Heart broken to pieces, strangled the pain of his chest, and I know your heart is in pain. Make me a wool scarf, eyes full of tears and told him that, although they may speak once loved, but my love for you is true, I try my own hand knitted scarves for all their emotions. He took that tears spilled. He asked: "I still love him too?", She did not answer but that answer to all that difficult to understand when you come to him. He said softly, "I go back to him, I believe it will be happy, do not think anything, he was the children need, and please promise me, you must not give up, to live it happy !...". He hesitated to call on the number of things, but then did not. Only a few lines on a return, he received what he needed message, that let's get back to me and bring me happiness. It's difficult to say it and do it again, especially with both sons, but then everything goes right the way it should go. He gave me wool scarf hold hands, tears were falling ever, he cried, cried like a child. He was loved and loved so much. But know how is he only one who comes later. I still tell you that seeing you happy is he happy. In remote places, let them keep their promise and live a happy me! Send you a thousand kisses love!

Duy Thanh


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