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Rendezvous point

Without the luxurious place, only a certain angle to the center point of dating is also becoming .
love of the young rising cry for help because there is no place for their privacy. Every one loves a different way so they look for their own meeting place
Here are the results of interviews with" pocket "the pair are not officially in love.

Location is the most popular dating ... Park
Reason: open space, not expensive entrance fees. Just find out where the ideal is located spoiled ... pour elect said.
Second Place suburbs
Reason: this little place, charming landscapes, vehicles are not known "torture." What's more interesting scene said two people have while watching the kite move stamping.
However, if this place so desolate and dating in the dark as it seems you two are not consistent at all.

appointment place Tuesday, outdoor stage musical
Reason: This is very ideal destination for students.
This place is often crowded, there are many opportunities for you guys hold hands and walk away to avoid crowded, misplaced. No relationship was less sharp after his trip to charming "musical adventure like this.
café ... no problem
reason: To this rendezvous "fee" not too expensive, music is mellow, lyrical. Both can rate everything together in heaven, the earth without fear of disturbing ...
Thursday Location: On the bridge
Reason: Very romantic, not the other emotions in the film! However, if you are not vigilant, your vehicle may not be the wings that fly it!
Friday Place: Avenue
Reason: The fun just dating him while watching passers-by who is also very interesting for the young. If you find any trees the better. Just the glass of sugar cane, coconuts are the two you should be comfortable "eight" without costing any money! Remember not to show too much emotion in explicit actions. This will make it a civilized city poor

Saturday Venue: House of Love
Reason: No less he argued:" Where to go around for fatigue life ", should have the opportunity or has time the "flight" to the people who love dating.
not just to remind parents about now, just enjoy the delicious dishes cooked by her. Happy when he was doing anything by her, and can be paid by surprise kiss, nothing better than
Cinema, theater
Reason: is a bit of classical and romantic, but has never been "all-fashion". Together to enjoy the movie or the play or to feel deeply, they would be even closer together. Learning from the movies, theater is a way to make new love.

Ninth Place: Restaurant
Reason: Very simple, because so busy with work together just in time to take care of the stomach and enlist chat. Rendezvous restaurant became the love of busy people. Met here, the more they love and sympathy with each other.
Tenth Meeting is the place ... no name
reason: There are places that do not know what to call. Where two lovers meet, where the HCMC. Sometimes it's just a street corner, alley, wharf ... Love the place light up the most seemingly ugly into the most beautiful places. The strange thing is that of love

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