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Remember to send him with trade winds

This time the Republic of Korea distant and cold that he was doing, remember you can not love? But I'm here at home sad and miss you very memory.

You know the day without you by my side always trying to live for fun, but can not do, his nostalgia gnawing out hard at the moment, wherever and in what circumstances you have always thought of him. Time talking with friends suddenly someone says something or act like he raised his hands to his mouth as he remembered them silly and ignore me want to cry. You and I love how long he can remember anymore? I always counted the days when that love away from me, those days very happy, but also imbued with tears I cry because he missed. Sad I cry, happy tears when she also was crying even more. I myself can not explain it.

day last month I have sometimes made him sad, I find myself extremely angry. Fortunately, he never angry with me. Extremely happy when I love him and have him in this life. He tolerant and generous with all the mistakes they cause, he never picked up and serving notice that. Sometimes I find myself really hated when junk thought and words make me sad, angry moments that I myself immensely.
Oh my lover! So coming on 30/10 then, he does not remember this day darling? You must not ask him silly? I also like how you only forget. This day of the year was also the first season of the cold wind free man jokingly teased hair, I say "I love you in awe of yourself now and then you went away Left my hometown I love the memories sign.

Whenever there is a sudden cool wind passing through my mind back startled and I want to cry , remember the phrase "cold season that I loved" of him, when you hold me by a wind shuddered through time.
Every night, nostalgia does not make me restless did you sleep, is thought free man, thought to see you back at how the day will be how distant, will make you cry so much happiness to see you. Emotionally repressed for so long been the opportunity arise, I can not cry and did not say anything?.
I thought it was a lot more. This morning I woke up that cold weather makes me sad and miss you like crazy I have always said no, I'm afraid I have to worry much, so I dare not say I miss you to remember what he said about nao.Em of you "Whenever there is a wind up accidentally kissing my cheek, I jokingly teased hair, then I do not be sad, sulky shall not startled. It's thousands of things he sent kisses into the wind brought to me that you love" and your eyes water and tears often short memory ignored.
I want to call him to faith commercial real nostalgia dissolve into the wind, flying high into the sky and bring with you , ten thousand thousand times I wanted to say that "China's love children, love and miss you very much."
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