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Until when I was eight years old, I still think that they call the last day of the week, on Sunday (Sunday) because the day that you can wallow in the warm sunshine all day. I think so because every Sunday I would wander in the garden all day with her Nana. And I was quick to make friends with all the plants in the garden, in which the friend that my favorite is the zucchini. Zucchini with secret vote and have their shape looks a lot like cucumber, but more soft and sweet. The slender body wire weak but still try to rise up and hold on to the fence look like tiny arms clinging to her mother in the rain storm. Our new look, how pitiful! I often sat down, gently caressing them, whispered conversation with them and feel that they need to cover my transport so many. Nana She also sat there, next to piles of gardening tools of her, whispering and talking softly caressing caressing the tomatoes.

"She is Nana!" One day I was wondering with Nana "Are you can throw away the pen this small yellow flowers are not?"
"But why do you want to pick all the flowers go ? " She was a little surprised. "
" Ah! Nothing I think the yellow flowers will attract bugs to clean cup and we lost, "
" No, dear child! This little flower in the coming days it will turn into zucchini. "She answered with a smile.
" Indeed, but her "I'm still very skeptical about what Nana said."
"I'm just waiting to see. Then you will see the other little things will turn into miracles. You should remember what she said."
"These little things will turn into something eh she wonders. " I repeat.
"Exactly like that in Asia". She replied softly.

And so, on each Sunday, I have to check out garden zucchini plants, and wonderful place, every time I discovered that more tiny zucchini left.

"Do you think that there are many fruits such as zucchini because I did not care for them carefully?"
"Sure! I Remember when being cared for, then good things will develop. Just like the kids are in foster care and love is sure when they grow up will be the elite members of society . I remember? "

So much more active since then I take care of his little friends. I picked out the gold leaf to sicken, and if there is any zucchini tops can not reach the fence, I move them closer. Nana also do so with friends of her tomatoes.

One day I saw Nana prune the tops of tomatoes and cuts off a large branch of the tree tomato.

"Nana," I gasped with astonishment, "Why did she do that?"
"Asia! She did so for tomato plants is not enough to feed two branches same time. If she cut a branch to test the remaining branches have more food and so would have left a lot more. "
" Oh Really huh her? "
" In life sometimes you've got to have choices like that. "
" She said so mean? The thing you have to cut away something? "
" No Is that "Nana smiled and winked at me. "Sometimes in life, you have to choose and accept the loss because we can not all at once."
"I remember right, ma'am."

And so for months, Sunday I went to Nana's garden to see your friends about how, and what was in my heart throughout a fun start to see more and more results zucchini lovely. Until one day, the new results do not appear zucchini, too, and several weeks on the plant no longer get a result.

"Nana! Is what happens with I zucchini plants of that? ". Fresh news I cried. "It's not growing anymore!"
"Boys sir. That is the law of life. All things are born, then developed a while it will end. There is something forever with time. "
" But I care that they are very attentive. "
" Yes! "But I know not: the end of the old will be the beginning of something new. "
" And that's what she wanted me to remember? "
" Yes! Nana said, "When the weather changes, the old trees will die and will be replaced by new living germ "
" I will always remember that. "

And I will continue to help Nana care of trees in the garden, but one day I confess with Nana:

"But I still miss the zucchini plants."
"She knows it, sir baby baby!"
"I'm we thought why not ask Poppy makes us a greenhouse and we can plant year-round zucchini? "
" She did not know. But we can wait till after that. "
" But we can try, is not she! I know she would! Poppy I might ask that! "
" She guessed that we could try. "

After a convincing Poppy eventually agrees. And the week after I arrived saw a beautiful greenhouse in the garden ready. And the best thing is to stay behind glass walls, with barbed wire fences for zucchini.

"This will be the best home for the zucchini plants." I shouted.
"And all those tomatoes, too." Nana added.

Then we started to grow zucchini plants on one side, while the other is for those tomatoes. Time after time, the growing body healthy zucchini, and tomatoes are also good too. And when the results zucchini and tomatoes appear, we realize that the greenhouse has worked very effectively.

"You look at this! I have these tiny plants, but laden zucchini flowers nhé! These plants will live her interesting! "
" I have a great initiative. "Nana said and shook my hand.
" This Nana! I think she would have something to remember "
" What is it? "
" If we truly resolve to do what we will accomplish your dreams "

Nana turned and looked deep into my eyes. Her eyes sparkle, I think she'll cry. Suddenly she laughed so brittle retire. She nods silently and shake my hand again.

"Thanks baby. She will always remember this "

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