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Red hat

sitting alone in the cafe, I felt very scared. Tomorrow I have to undergo spinal surgery. The possibility of risk is great, but my faith was strong. "Oh God, Please, please send me an angel to help me through the challenge tomorrow!" I whispered prayer.
When he raises his head to look up and preparing to leave, I saw an elderly woman was walking very slowly near the register. I stood by her, admiring dresses fashion a bright red and purple flowers are very elegant, but she was wearing, including a scarf, a brooch and a hat purple highlights. "Excuse her, she is such a beautiful woman!" I forced her mouth.
She gripped my hand a cordial way and said," Well daughter, we thank you very much. I have a fake arm, and the arm must also iron brace. longer leg is also not where. It takes a lot of time to get dressed. I always try my best, but as years get used to it. You've made me feel so special. May the God always watch over and bless the child! " Looking away from her, I suddenly felt my heart was relieved. She was truly an angel that God has sent to me.

- Tami S.

Fox Faith, you can see the invisible things

- Scriptures

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