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Red Apple store

- Cat and Bugin close together all over the network. Two days after the end of school trip, Cat Bugin first appointment. Bland meeting. That was predictable, but not the end ...
Brushing lightly stroked the curly locks, Cat trying to suppress the wave drifting thup thrill in my heart. Cat to the toilet again to re-scan of my face, apply an extra layer of lip gloss again, maybe a little pale lipstick has to go by it just a drink. But Cat afraid. It went on it 3 times already, and the waiter hands began to detect the Cat through the glass.

Cat began to feel regret comes too soon from now appointment, just because it's so curious and nervous. Bugin should have to wait for it to last. Yeah, usually the girls had to. Should make it very late to the appointment, then that seem a bit busy, like, do not really care to see Bugin story today.

Was I going somewhere for a while and come back - think Cat - but that is how stupid stupid, especially when the name of the other waiters like to look up strange objects. Cat decided to sit, sipping watermelon shake and seemed impatient to go hide, his panic. 7 minutes is Bugin to ...

In fact, today was the first appointment of the Cat with Bugin - my friend's own network. Cat and Bugin are nicknames they call each other on the network. 've Known each other for almost a year now, but Bugin studying in Britain, so until this meeting will be decided - two days after returning home Bugin. Cat and Bugin was familiar ground that they both considered this relationship than normal friends. They meet online dating and sharing everything, every emotion. Sometimes not seen for a few days, Cat Bugin terrible miss, and Bugin too. Cat has never found a guy in real life again any fun, clever but gentle and understanding it so.

15h least 2 minutes. A man wearing striped shirt entered the shop, stop and take his doorstep looking for. Looks like a Bugin. Cat is unlikely because only found on the split into tiny Bugin hanging on the blog. But perseverance is Bugin Cat. Bugin glanced toward the Cat, Cat shows his cheeks flushing. It coined a confused smile. Bugin slowly walked towards the cutting table, still looking at it with curious eyes. Bugin perhaps also not so sure. Cat active voice: "Ch .. Bugin rushing."

But Bugin still full of strange looking cat, then walked across the table Cat. Cat came back, saw two eyes looking at me (probably both eyes 3 of the idle waiter guy again). The girl sitting behind a desk have required a boyfriend Cat "I know her too?" - "No, cha know, do not understand why I keep looking, even call him Bu .. Bu .. something. " Cat swung around with his glass of water. Perhaps it is now in the red than the color of watermelon vitamins. Cat looks bent grams ground, hoping a fractured hole somewhere.

- Cat Eh, I'm sorry to be late!

Cat startled the right, May uttered looking up. A tall man stood before him, radiant smile, no striped shirt, just a simple gray T-shirt.

Cat suddenly felt angry, as should Bugin responsible to the name of all of it yet ".

- Hi!

cold greeting Cat slip out of his mouth, making the Cat also unexpected. Imposing a second, Bugin titter, then regained his expression was calm, sit down and call the waiter. Cat felt remarkably thin on the newly erected walls between it and Bugin after greeting her in rabbits. Why it is not smiles and "hello Bugin!"?. He has recorded hoe hair waiter drinks votes, just look up Cat. Cat sitting up straight, trying to create a calm face as possible.

- This is the café that you or tell you?

Bugin has changed the way profess reefs, Cat suddenly found so down a bit.

- Well no, because the shop was a bit hard to find in the corner ...

Transient anniversary chat lines, the Cat's entry about Red Apple café to open. Familiar cafes and cozy, but Cat is hoping to lead Bugin. Bugin fear could not find a little café that should Cat appointment decisions in a shop near the center post.

oppressive silence. Bugin absently stirring spoon in the cup.

- You ...?

- You ...?

They both laughed deleted. Bugin said gently: "You said before going" - "Oh no, I'm just about to ask how your flight. Are you tired alone "(the question is interpreted in this way becoming ungainly currency, Cat thought). Bugin said some of his feelings about the flight, about the emotional return home. Cat listen but not to care much, it is submitted after thinking about the next topic between the two of them. Cat Why not think about it from the night before it? Then, ask Bugin miscellaneous petty about things that matter Cat each entry in your entry. Maybe that's worth a Cat make enough emotion, but this time it just seems that because it inhibited Bugin ball and nothing more interesting to say anymore.

Again silence. Cat does not know why he could talking naturally, close to the middle Bugin on real life again? Is it the pressure and Bugin are too emotional about things "than friendship" has blossomed between them on yahoo? Cat does not know, but a sense of feeling of uncertainty and despair surround themselves in it. Bugin materials have been disappointing as it? And whether longer appointment times Monday?

- We're walking a little?

Bugin speak. Cat looking at a truck full of sunflowers go through, rather than saying to myself Bugin said: "No, I want to go home." Cat suddenly realize it's hard to break the walls between virtual and real. All that belongs to the virtual world, also in the real world, it can not find the famous and Bugin a different story to tell. That's the truth.

Bugin brought Cat home phone number. Bugin want to make sure "that feeling of success" on the meeting, that everything is not so bad, they could continue dating. Cat for telephone numbers equally indifferent to its goodbye. And when turned on, Cat almost want to cry. Why so sad it again?!

Cat is in her room most of the day Sunday, determined not to my room. Cat afraid of seeing a computer. Afraid I would turn up again, will be back online, and will again wait for the message of Bugin with overwhelming happiness. It was very afraid to know the feeling of Bugin about meeting today. But who knows, Bugin ball also sad message for Cat. What Cat is really too bad at cafes. Both at about anymore, Cat did not say "See you." Bugin quite so frustrated.

The phone shook alert: "oi Cat, Cat ah, C.. A.. A.. T! Bugin will call each day to call the Cat needs. Cat Bugin package must also familiarize go! "Message is accompanied by a smiley face symbol. Cat smiled sheepishly with his phone. Cat and quickly returned to his room and turned on.

There were a series of messages off:

- Cat Today having run too, forgot to run gift for CAT is to the pocket.

- Look also prettier than Cat in the imagination of Bugin anymore.

- Want to talk to Cat so much, but somehow hard to say that, sure as too confusing. Second Bugin will brave ^ ^

- nè Honestly, today Cat looked beautiful and so do the stations Bugin "overwhelmed" truths. Bugin not look too bad right? ">

- When the Cat turn back into the house, to call Cat back Bugin only. Cat losing feeling horrible! Cat know ?!...

A breeze way through the blue curtains in the rooms, subtle bit of flavor as the spring. Beside
s the rain started flying dust. Cat normal rainfall hate dust too, but today the rain fly that looked that warm the heart. This sun sitting in the shop was wonderful Apple Red Gil.

- Annual dear, someone sent me this flower!

Year rushed out the door. A boy standing in front porch with its bright yellow sunflower as the sun, hair, dust, rain spotting him:

- Yes I do because I moved handsome bouquet for her!

He brought flowers to the Cat, a mischievous glance, then ran away. Cat baskets inside the card: "We're dating now?". Cat Street overlooking the radiant smile and nodded. Cat also believe that someone is smiling like it across the crowded street. Raised her voice behind Cat curious: "Who's that baby?" - "Mom's Bugin" - "Bugin?".

Cat holding flowers, walked into the house, leaving the streets filled with spring rain.

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