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The reason guys come back?

girlfriend often wondered why the boys had done their suffering often "re-" in their lives. Questions will be answered easily with a typical five reasons below.

He recognized faults

not exclude the possibility that he tried to correct mistakes and want to reconnect the old situation. However, you must remember that it was you who had been abandoned and it is important now is to prove his good faith.

He is ready

Men often think they have plenty of experience before doing anything serious. Maybe they prefer relations with many girls at once just to satisfy the "wild" of his. But back to the first, it is time to think, their emotional maturity. They recognize the new one is really important and want a long-term.

Is the best person

He has not remove your phone number. After a period erotic adventure, not a girl no guy can bring peace, relaxed and confident as the old. But again, you should test before he accepted the invitation to resume the old situation.

Only want sex

Some guy tried to contact former girlfriend, would seem to heal, but in fact just want to satisfy the sexual instinct. Remember that when a guy does that message or call you, he can also do it with three, four other girls. So, bluntly refused until you are sure he is on your side not only for sex. If you too easily, he will again "disappear" once again only.

To demonstrate the power

A few guys have insecurities that many girls around. Know your thoughts and feelings about his girlfriend, they will feel more confident. These guys are cunning, they know how to arrange a time for girlfriends, they guessed what you think and makes you not only hope.

However, to recognize this type of man is not hard. As they often do not meet what you desire, they may be "using" you to "feed" their self-esteem.

If you find it, let's talk that: "This is not what I want. You deserve better. " At that time, he would "show original image" and "divers take toothpicks."

After abandoning you, did not take much time, he will find another girl to show power.

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