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Re: Love ........ ........

" I Stand Here Between Heaven Exotic East Mission nostalgia

I would kill my heart "
love! Korea these days where I'm in too much snow, winter familiar with him then, get used to it with the cold weather but no way he could dispel the loneliness and emptiness in me now. Each passing day I only know get the joy of the job to forget sadness and thought about you, but every afternoon down after sunset, where he covered the land in the sadness and I remember him back in full .
"I know not every afternoon

Here you're much loved

empty without you I confide

cold conceptualist movies every afternoon, "Love,
! From the day the love we shared two-way, living the life he is but he still became arid and rocky, the heart does not add a word of love, not a hand was holding hands, even though Around her overwhelming joy, even if someone has the same heart beats with your heart, the love and nostalgia for me in what I still can not inconsolable. Perhaps he was too selfish as to force his heart knows only love you, much as reason told him to please open your heart to receive love, to see the wheels a day without you the sun is still sunny, to hug one more time my arms were tied to someone's love for his chosen love integrity, so that for him until now it seemed so simple that he has not done be. Zoi have him in the situation we are going to keep the initiative za, you were right zoi disadvantaged and so many tears have you ever received za zang he is the man to suffer more than me ...?
Love,! Today is th a Chinese New Year. hometown Vietnam have moved into the spring, people who are sending their greetings to each other the best, but he is the only country where foreign land known to sit and remember the old days, the days we go hand in hand between spring zop streets lights, I still say his ear to whisper wheels I like spring, like listening to songs about spring, he raised his eyebrows to ask you why? Im serious you say ... then suddenly spring by bringing him back to me ...! It is true that day when his working conditions were far away, so just bring him back last spring for you selected integrity, we forget the earth and sky together so that now like it or not, whether he is in porcelain or transporting people home come spring, there is no spring back when he can bring to your side like the old days ...!
So that spring has come zoi as the day he can only Love the old sent to the best thing, sent to me so much joy and happiness.

By Cao_Ba_Vuong

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