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Rain rate

Heavy rain, gradually absorbed into the hair to fall down your shoulder E, da e, rain rolled down from every corner of the eye E. Where E does not cry, it rains A ak. But dear A taste of the rain this year was different than the rain for three years.

The rain associated with life E A, A it? E rain in the afternoon he met A, k E was unforgettable from the moment A love that. Thinking back cug pun laugh really, just the eyes of a youth forum on the shoulder wear rush shelter E which makes E rain flaming barrier. A first-ak it. A is the first and the last in the mind of E for three years. E daydreaming, E had hoped, had built himself in his heart a happy future.
But then all gone, everything collapsed in a rain. It is the coldest season in the life E, a known k? Each drop of rain as a cold hand good, evil red that spread to every end of the road. E has nothing to do? why do this to A E? Stars caught the eye E A close look, start your hand E A - down to let out? is forever lost A E did not even think. What do you think, E still have to live with the world, has everything except A?
E loved the rain, very loving. A knew it! Bring rain to the E. A E still remember the afternoon E A guide to shower rain, wet. Still love the day forever E A E umbrellas waiting at the school gates. A love most of the day just ch E "rock show" on rainy days, great sound of rain, thunder shock with lights flashing. e asked each time for tears A E, love tenderly saying, "A love to see more sunshine on the E face." The E then just want to rain forever forever E A, E smoothly and traders like E ...
But then fear the rain, rain bring travel A. E afraid, afraid of the rain continued to rob the most important things for E. E dodge, E chag dare to face the rain again, just saw the black clouds that E workers home, locking himself in the room. E, number of rain as the heart stops raining E and E are afraid mine cry, rolling on E cheek, because now the E k A longer again, to wipe away the rain did. E afraid to look each umbrella bobbing on the road - the umbrella for two people, afraid of thunder, fear, fear of language leaves in the rain, afraid wet when it rains. E afraid of everything related to the rain.
Days people went off A, E did not say E is a map den.Moi cold blood. Well, yes, since that rainy day, E cold blood, cold heart E. no A, leaving the warmth and E. E was seated, had under his window. E k want to look outside, it was raining to the harsh practices A. ...

The rain is now the boundary to A and E. A already belongs to another world, there is no E. And E are also living in another world, forever, no A. E stupid as a sure confidence in the area of ​​Niu Lang and Chuc Nu. E still wants to believe now, want to hope that once, once, miracles can happen. A Niu Lang and Chuc Nu E is also ....
Three years ago, E still live like that, still ducking, dodging the rain, dodging many boys love, truth and avoid avoid self E. HEART E 3 exist only from "A", "rain" and "pain" only.
E back on the old cafe watching a E is playing, now I have people sitting there . E, li the cafe alone absorbed every drop of bitter feeling. But then again the song was played. Been a long time and then, after a go, E k also have heard this song again. Tracks both A and E thiich. A star that just so !????

Today a rainy day. A round of three years from the date of leaving. On E is also aware that there was another son on the day instead of A road song, instead of sending compiled A beautiful lyrics to E add strength to love this life. Is T - who lun jup we do the postman do the mediation with vague but jan track of E with A. A said that he waited too long to come on e E E back ... I see a warm heart. E as the first day saw a guitar party ....
E returned, the rain had stopped, the sun gradually. On the other gentle sunshine, sunshine in the E and perhaps in other more remote places in A, A pediatric ????

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