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Quynh Hoa

How many times I write you. Continuous rhythm keyboard, glide gently in a steady stream of thinking. But so much today I can not do that? These words appear always made me feel pointless, and has dozens of times I have to press delete ...

the night away, suddenly hear next to my ear sweet voice singer Thanh Tuyen "... although there dust to obscure the time of the second century they dismiss her, I never, never forget him ...". These are but drops of grief to contain all my heart. Each work shift from my heart shredded, helpless souls lost in nowhere. I hope, at least I also once heard this song in my life and will "never forget him," though its unfinished status.
Time rocketed away. Dust lay all the time domain in the past, turn everything into a lifetime of memories. Short life, the countless memories. Then one day the chance to revisit childhood memories of any page, can we think of vague: "If ... then ..."
If on that day, I happened to gaze fondly towards about me; not ignore the silly little slender hands, pretty, and not attracted to the gentle voice, sweet, and no dizziness before the moon intelligent, defiant ....

If you do not care about me, do not understand, share the suffering of my life, I do not lightly to cherish the beautiful hand, do not let me kiss you on the lanes Hair famous aromatic; do not let the warmth of our blend into each other, we shared the same heart beats ...
Then perhaps we still be friends, as brothers sometimes sitting together drinking coffee , innocently chatted about heaven and on earth.

However ... Even though I had power back in time. I will repeat what the two of us have experienced in the past. I will also with you on the road sweep against the arc - the beautiful path along the river, Phong Dien childhood home. Will lovingly hand your ivory pearl, two fingers to mix them together yourself, the warmth of my hands to warm my heart to my hand gently on my arm tightening as promised and went through turbulent life. I would sneak a kiss on mineral wool hair, smoother skin to remember forever fragrant body
As you ... my heart has those moments in bold. It was the paintings, poems, notes the most beautiful, best, most romantic and you feel life has given me favor.

To date, experience frighten something precious of his life will be lost forever had already come true - I had to lose you! Have accepted it. I totally do not blame her, just wanted to let you preserve the memories of his two children.
I remember, I've sometimes talked about a short life flowers. When blooming, the flowers give direction to life with charming color petals peeled nà, chastity and holiness. Sweet scent guidance, loving and rustic country ... We celebrate with them naming themselves as Quynh Hoa, me!

Love you forever!

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