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Quotations love part 4

Love, a serious mental illness - Plato

Love can thatched hut of a golden palace - Germanic Prover

All lovers are blind - Propertins

love finding good, but not that much better to be - Shakespeare

Young love like crazy, crazy old new love - Pháp Proverb

extreme love and light hearts as well. Deeper love was so hated Profile - Li Bai

of love is something, where they come from and end the problem, I do not know - Madeleine de Scudery

Love It is excellent - Robert Browning

Love is a miracle of civilization - Stendhal

Love is the child born by the poet, so do not whip it will damage the body - Samuel Bulter

Love is like measles, everyone must go through - Jerome K.

Jerome Love is like measles, beds are old and new diseases such real or what Douglas Jerrold or

Without desire, love is only a weak drowning of the soul - William Congreve

love is the noblest frailty of the spirit - John Dryden

Love, a serious mental illness - Plato

love is not comparable anymore - Benard Grasset

In Love, is the most loved and compare - Jacques Dyssord

of love is the wisdom of the wild, wild is what's wisdom - Samuel Johnson

Love means never having to say sorry -

Erich Segal Love is hello because of the angels before the stars' - Victor Hugo

Love is not looking at each other but looking together in one direction -

Saint Exupery Love is so passion for something not required, on the contrary, everything required for it - Madeleine de Scudery

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs - Shakespeare

There is only one love only, but it has thousands of different copies.
Friendship often than the entrance door of Love - La Rochefoucauld

Who who who died of intimates, look for girls who love their work. - Anonymous

characteristic of the woman is dedicated to Love. - Anonymous

If you also love like fire Love, love can tell you without heat emitting, while burning love and shine at the same time. When we love, we are the universe and life in our universe. - Madeleine de Scudery

die for lack of love is too frightening. that is choking death of the soul. - Victor Hugo

Love makes the most wonderful sweet taste of adversity and the most painful in life - Madeleine de Scudery

For men, living and loving individual particular, women, love is life - Byron

Women love is not live yet. - John Gay

First Love just requires a little more naive and curious. - G.B. Shaw

It is only love once: it was his first love, while love is only reluctantly next. - La Bruyere

Can love many times but can not love many times the same person - Duc De Levis

Can not love be a second person you have end of love - La Rochefoucauld

There are feelings that we call love, as well as those of drugs that people named spirits - Etienne Rey

When the heart does not love, women have all the calm of a veteran defense lawyer. - Honore de Balzac

For women, the distance from myself to the first situation more remote distance from lover to lover first tenth - Jules B. D'Aurevilly

iÊu I would rather that which hurts more than just a life I do not know - Guilleragues

who suffer more because you love, love, love is dying live in Love - Victor Hugo

heart so much sad sad love. - Victor Hugo

In the woman's soul incipient love there is a great need to be suffering - Charles Nodier

If love is grieving, the animosity have tormented - M. Desbordes - Valmore

There are those who everyone loves to hate this side then the other - Victor Hugo

The biggest crime to offend our fellow human beings is not contempt hate them, but it is indifference to them. The essence of inhumanity is that - G. Bernard Shaw

hatred that has engulfed love - Soren Kierkegaard

language in real life is only a kiss - Alfred de Musset

There are things only speak out when they kiss ... because the purest deep and can not escape without a soul kiss calling them - M. Maeterlinck

What is my kiss? flames lick through - Victor Hugo

Marriage ... son is a point on the "health" of the verb "to love", was a secret confided to give lips instead of the ear ... - B.

Rostand's no threat now than happy. every kiss you give away can awaken an enemy ... - M. Maeterlinck

The covert kiss is always the sweetest ... - Leigh Hunt

In the long run is not about kissing, which is about cooking is! - George Meredith

taste of first kiss made me frustrated as a new fruit that people try first. Not new, but in the habits that we find the great pleasures ... -Raymond Radiguet

Marriage means anyone who wants to be kissed ... - S. Guitry

When angry woman, four gently kiss her heart enough to stem ... - Goldoni

Oh kiss! drink the colors that are pouring lips for another as the desire cup ... - Alfred de Musset

women being married, have a red face, someone called the police, someone clapperclaw, with the crane, but the worst are those who laugh ... - Anonymous

They dreamed of the day with fiancee, but when they wake up married then - Pope

A deaf husband and a blind wife how many hours also the happiest couples - Proverb

Marriage helps men to live virtuous and wise - Voltaire

lover's wife is young, partner of the person's age, and was nursing his elderly - Bacon

Marriage is an adventure novel in which the main character was dead from the first page - Anomymous

Wedding is a duty, twice as crazy, crazy man is three times - Proverb Duteh

Marriage - mit dim sea that deal with it without a compass are Mme de Rieux-invented

Every day proved to be friendly with someone that we have to be crazy - Disraell

Get together is our fate. So also were hanged - J. Heywood

marriage without love, it is not on the sun - Al. Kurr

life is sleep, a dream of love in his sleep and he will undergo another life, if he had ever known love - A.

Neusset Heaven to me is no longer a paradise again if I had not met my wife there - Andrew Jackson

He can of his martyrdom. His love is directed. I could die for you. What his creed is love and you are the only teachings. I drew him away by force, but he could not resist it ... John Keats

Men or ignorance, but loved very few. Capital little woman artist, but when asked again asked a lot - Basta

Men do not flatter a woman does not understand them, men do not abuse the more they understand them better - Mme de Saim

may fool men into passionate arguments, but must fully be able to take them to the truth - John Dryden

Women were created to ease aggression in the character of the man - half the natural way. Thus, most single men brutally quick-attack - Bermadin de Saint - Pierre

Men are just big kids - John Dryd

"Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, nhưng the strings remain forever. " - Unknown
Do not praise men for th
eir beauty, but also because they do not look down on them bad boys
-In love, the victory of a man is running away
[Naloleon Ler]
-The biggest mistake of them men in that we do not think that the woman they loved us, that in place we think that we love them
[ Sacha Guitry]
-One can doubt the love of a man said to me "I love you", but we can believe your love man enough to do everything possible to hide with me they love us
[Georges Feydeau]
-I like a man without money than money without a man
-The weakness man and the man made power for the woman
-Men love is like an accident, like tripping on the stairs
[ Robert Southey]
-man has two hobbies: exciting adventures and dangerous because men love it love, because love is a very dangerous game
[Duke De Richelieu]
-diplomat is a man always remember the birthday of women, but never mind her age
[Robert Frost]

- might fool men into passion, but must meet the new allegations could take them to the truth
[John Dryden]

-What makes the man dropped dropped their suffering is always thought to be in the streets to see the woman was away from them, since they always see a ball, a walk or a face much like the person they love
[Marcel Achard

-man little ashamed of their crimes by the weakness and the vainglory of their
[Jean De La Bruyere]

-The man started with love, ambition ends, and usually feel calm when they die
[Jean De La Bruyere]

Center small hearts can not keep great love
(Russian Proverb)

-The most feared in life: that is when the flame is turned off enthusiastic Nietzche

-woman only love or hate, with their first love is kho6ng half Syrus

-Be yourself than others or not a leg to value can be realized that today than I did myself yesterday
(Indian Proverb)

-Do not cut off what you can wood

-Joubert only way to be yourself you are a friend
R. Emason

What comes from the heart, it will go to the heart
G. Piet - French

-Remove a loyal friend, a loss that is most precious in life
Sophocles (Greece)

-No to wealth is your wealth that you are
G. Stobay - Greece)

-happy person is someone who brings happiness to many people most
D. Dudro - French

-muom He who led everyone, everyone, stand back and serve everyone

Marc Saint-Self blind us more uniform, showing itself as contempt, people exchange Travel

Nothing more beautiful than the truth Boileau

-The things we know just a drop of water, the things we do not know is an ocean Newton

-No friendship, no love like the love child of both parents
Henry Ward Beecher

Nothing more noble, honorable than the common fisheries

-O cells! love of a woman who knows is just awful cute just
Before you let anyone finish a few matches they have salt
-Each person is a treasure, if you know how to read it
(William Ellery Channing)
-A is a true work of God
-Word documents to delight any reader, how often did take the writer's tears
(N. Boileau)
All human capital is the poet himself in the heart

-born man of God but God vegetative species that people who have first?
-Love is something that only the parties know.
-Before you can love who you think you are wise, but when you just love the chicken in the basket.
-Love is when you have a girlfriend, and you may feel you understand love. But when you love someone else ... Alas! You see before you is stupid. And now you are the ones wise.
Love non-sense without the other half.
-Life today may be the result of tomorrow. Hydrogen

Abbé Pierre Live, is to love (Vivre, C'est apprendre à aimer) Marcel Achard

When we love, we always love too degrees

Alta When she is not here I just feel like wearing a shoe. (When you are away I feel like I'm wearing only one shoe)

Amado, Jorge.

These are my favorite books and the books I admire, I can admire a book without interest (Il ya que les Livres et ceux que j'aime j'admire ; je peux un Livre Admirer sans l'aimer.)

Jane Austen Seven years may not be enough for two people to do this familiar with each other, and seven had more than enough for two people .. (Seven years would be một không đủ to make people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.)

Frédéric Beigbeder

Love or pretending to love, not what a difference when we reach the self-deluded. (Semblant Aimer d'aimer ou faire, ou est la difference, du moment que l'on parvient à soi-meme will tromper)

Frédéric Beigbeder love, you Love took his own self. Love does not love you, that's love (required Aimer quelqu'un aussi vous Aime, C'est du narcissisme. Aimer quelqu'un Qui ne pas vous Aime, Ca, C'est de l'amour)
Tristan Bernard

The love like mushrooms, as they are poisonous to discover it was too late (Les amours, C'est comme les champignons, il est Trop tard qu'ils sont quand on decouvre empoisonnes.)

Napoleon Bonaparte Love is made by two people silly

Chevalier Mere .

The perfection of justice is that many fancy what great and what little less popular. (La Perfection consiste de la justice à beaucoup aimer les choses Grandes, et peu les Petites.)

Eldridge Cleaver We recognize each other. And when we got to know each other, they may wonder if two hearts holding hands, right into each other, even while our minds confused, hesitant, unstable, and trembling. (We nhận each other. And, having nhận each other, is it any wonder that our souls hold hands and cling together even while our minds equivocate, hesitate, vacillate, and tremble.)

Paulo Coelho

love that is losing control

Thomas Corneille And when we do not have something to Favorites we must love what we have (Et quand on n'a pas ce qu'on Aime, il faut bien aimer ce qu'on a.)


Lama ability to position itself and think how other people's actions that are very useful when you want to learn how to love a man (La faculte mettre dans la peau de'll des autres et de la maniere dont on reflechir à leur place est à agirait Tres utile si on veut apprendre à aimer quelqu'un.)

Diane de Beausacq

So love than to be loved, we can first select

Fatou Diome life worth nothing fancy when we are alone to love and not others? (Est-il d'thể apprecier la vie quand on n'a que soi-meme à aimer?)

Edna Ferber Who says love government for all, is a madman. Because everything is conquered by the love ... or is trying to conquer. (Whoever said love conquers all was a fool. Because love conquers almost everything - or lần thử to.)

Sigmund Freud normal life, is love Trade and employment (Etre normal, C'est travailler et aimer.)

Anatole France passionate love is not enough: to love both arguments (Il ne suffit pas passionnement d'aimer: il faut aimer egalement avec raison.)

The poet helps us to love (Les poetes aident à nous aimer.)

The artist must love life and show us that it is beautiful, without them, we would doubt his life (MKV aimer la vie L'artiste et nous montrer qu'elle est belle. Sans lui, nous en douterions

Erich Fromm Love is the offspring of freedom, never was his dominance (Love is the child of freedom, never that of domination.)

Geruzez E. Signs kindness is loving youth of old age, and where older people are loving youth. (Le Signe chez les jeunes de la bonte, C'est d'aimer la vieillesse; et chez les Vieux, C'est d'aimer la jeunesse.)

Vincent Van Gogh

Nothing significant in art loving people (Il n'y a rien de plus que d'aimer reellement artistique les Gens.)

Julien Green
The most serious of our work on earth is love, what else did not significantly (Ce que nous faisons de plus serieux d'aimer C'est sur cette terre, le reste ne compte guere.)

Jankelevitch Vladimir leniency is a temporary period. It allows those who trade together do not tolerate each other while waiting for another brand (La Tolerance provisoire est un moment. Elle ne permet à ceux rules will s'aiment pas de supporter mutuellement, en attendant de pouvoir s'aimer. )

Douglas Jerrold Love is like measles, suffer more delay, more severe Penelope Leach

Children love the ring is not an end. The more we love children, the more I get the more we love and like love (Aimer un bebe un cercle est sans fin. Plus on l'Aime, plus on recoit, et plus on a envie de l'aimer)

Jacques Lacan is, of course love to be loved

Paul Leautaud ie Love you man than I

Gotthold Lessing E. See each peer is most certainly bound by love. (Equality is always the Strongest bond of love.)

André Lévy For school teachers not only love or hate that is not a prerequisite be mistaken (Pour l'enseignant il ne s'agit pas d'aimer ou de detester, il s'agit avant tout de ne pas will tromper.)

Marc Levy

Love is first of all must receive a risk (Aimer C'est avant tout prendre un risque.)

Love is not a denial of freedom, but it meant means (Aimer ce n'est pas à sa renoncer Liberté, C'est lui Donner un Sens.)

Must have patience Love is (Il faut aimer pour avoir de la Patience)
Stéphane Maes

If love is love is stronger, why do people go when love is suffering? (Si aimer est plus fort que d'etre Aimé, pourquoi est-ce toujours celui Qui Aime souffre rules?)

Marivaux Nothing is more natural love What's lovely is not it? (Est-il rien de plus naturel que d'aimer ce code est aimable?)

Mignon McLaughlin In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything , and two minus one equals nothing. (In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.)

Alice Meynell my heart is your garden. (My heart Shall be thy garden)

Molière Life without love is an unhealthy life (Et n'est pas vivre sans aimer vivre proprement .)

In our age that adorable, loves nothing better than (Dans l'age ou l'on est aimable Rien n'est si beau que d'aimer.)

Paul Morand Love is not love, it is art

Jeanne Moreau is like food soup, the spoon head is too hot, too cold the last tablespoon (L'amour C'est comme le potage, sont les premieres cuillerees Trop Chaudes, les dernieres froides Trop.)

Motta Docteur

love language is an obligation. Neglect the mother is showing signs of mental deterioration (C'est un devoir d'aimer sa langue maternelle. Negliger est un Signe de La Decadence morale.)

Musset Alfred de

Love is giving himself body and soul.

To ask, do not think (Pour aimer, il ne faut pas penser)

Proverbe Allemand (German Proverb:) Love is blind but marriage returned to its light (L'amour est aveugle, mais le mariage lui la Vue Rend.)

Proverbe Bresilien
For a love so blind need to touch it. (Comme l'amour est aveugle, il est de toucher "important Tres.)

Proverbe français love Must be love (Aimé Pour etre, il faut aimer)

Tim Proverbe Italien smaller, longer blades (Plus le coeur est petit, plus la langue est longue.) magyar Proverbe

Do not be sad at all when you can still love the (Ne t'attriste de rien, tant que tu peux aimer encore) Jean Racine

Request a is to make them more transparent Jules Renard

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