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Questions for love

There is a guy who loves the same time the two girls but did not know you really love someone more. And he went looking for answers. He met a sage, telling her he confided. After listening, sage told:
- Ask your heart and answer this question honestly: "When you happy, I wanted to share her feelings with what? ". Those who you think will be the person I love. Then you ask yourself this question and answered honestly: "When you see something unpleasant or annoying, who will come to the attention of almost any can alleviate the burden of heart?". I think any girl who also loves children.

If both questions are the only pick up one person, it is the best. But if each question gives me another option, we recommend that you should choose whom you will confide in times of sadness.

In his everyday life more sadness than happiness. There are too many people to the meet and cheering for a laugh with them but they do not necessarily have to be the love of children. Sometimes you can still enjoy the fun of themselves without sharing with anyone. But with sorrow, not many people willing to listen to children undergoing heart and share the burden with him.

If someone just think of me as happy or can only joking with me, but sides are not willing to see things as I do not mind the computer or go their sadness with someone else instead of me, for he does not love me enough to overcome violence in their lives.

The children always, to relieve the pain in my heart was the most important position in the heart. The sad thing to see, that's all out at the most honest. So, let us know who first appeared in my mind when I see sadness?

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