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SM THANH HOA 11/2013

So was 3 years since we broke up, a really long time right? 3 years ago, he did not touch anything with me anymore, but I can still remember what made me write to you? He does not need to tell the right way, you always know ... but ... my head really hard.
We love each other is one year, then break up, break up the feel of real suffering, but we both have overcome it, he did not know this be the last letter I send you do not, because today, he has written over two years StickyNote be there, let me know - the day I write to you.

Today was cold, and he continued continue to experience the feeling that you never want it to appear once again in his life, it was rainy winter, the old days he used to love rainy winter, but now it is different, he does not love the rainy season East again, simply because long ago most winter rains do not come with me. Nghi Son port today with rain, the winter rains really, but why he felt cold, rainy winter days ago in Hanoi is not wetting his shirt, then rain in Thanh Hoa now he can do with cold clear broth .

I like the sea, I should like to sea from their homeland when he was at school think I will go home to watch the sea on the day. Complete graduation, he of Nghi Son, his hometown is just convenient for the job, since then he is always happy because of that, each day I have come here after hours. This afternoon, when the last crane consignments he had repaired themselves to this place - Sea restaurant - only to watch the sea alone, do not know since when, he loved the ocean so blue, even see every day, yet he still wanted to look at, the rain has lost the blue of the sea, it also obscures the glass box anyway, I'm sure he wants to focus on this email that !
Well, did you wander too then, he had almost forgotten that he sat to write to you, not asking her what had brought the sea to the email, he calculated that, three years is not change, rambling, unfocused and offend people heard.
I want to ask you how are you? But suddenly thought of that before although I have no ill to attend school is also not even tell you what, I still say a sentence well, sometimes a little longer free vent a colon: "I care as this elephant ...". So I know my answer then: "I care".

What could it do not ask me what? Three years has not faced probably not get a questionnaire, the internet, you can search to see what question to ask is not, then find that sales do not earn any sentence like that, you and I so different, nobody have lived lives of two of us or so, I suspect that the very fate, perhaps your computer is virus and God.

my 24 year old, old days she told me that he will get married 24 years, so that age 24 over, he remains a relative nè, he remembered that he said that if 24 years old that he can not get married, he will marry fortune-teller (you) to see that, ironically, we just broke up a year later, he broke up not even know why, he just knew Pressure You must bear also force him, his parents did not force him to do anything contrary to the interests, he accepted and asked me this opportunity.
3 years, did not know I still remember the promise in the past, I still remember, I have to concentrate to this email, hoping eventually to have children again, he tried to write it, but was nearly three hours, then that letter is not done, may I sit in the bar familiar, does not it have been kicked out already.
Why I can not write anything but, three years ago he did not know what to say to convince me and three years later he is more likely keep getting it wrong again, hundreds of thousands of ideas over time, you all afraid, to fear, to distraction. Who knows ....
This time I  married, I live in a happy family with a child was plump, they are holding hands and coddle it, it is your husband bottles in hand, we were chasing and coaxing words out.
 This time I'm watching the rain and love, they're holding hands and face on the shoulders of love under a colorful umbrella showy, they are whispering the same people are together and draw a nice prospect.
 this time you're traveling to a remote domain, you're watching the sun of Australia, they are walking on the beach that summer does not remember anything about a rain.
 ....
How can I send mail to me here, I'll send mail for whatever reason? Because a promise that the old days when only one who now carry forever, or as a love story has sunk deep into the past?
How can I send mail for you when you have chosen to force I do not have the ball his way, I have chosen not square anymore?
I asked myself what I wanted to see, he does not answer, he probably does not want us to do from the beginning, do from the days of winter 3 years ago u? What if I want two of us again as friends, keeping in regular contact as many other friends. He was himself to go to impasse, today is passed, he is losing hope for you, if passed today, he would only have one first love is beautiful. He did not want to lose, but can not do anything to hook, I want to go Bac Giang, but probably was not time to wait, the rest is internet, if you do not check mail, I also have nothing at all, and if contents of this letter does not reach you without leaving you a little emotion in the situation we were forever turning into dust.
You said it!
Tell him you know what to do ?
I have to write something to send to me, so I also expect him an email?

... Or is it like this then, if you do not have a new lover, but also re- him a place in my heart, please reply so I could write a love letter is thoughtful, to conquer them again, if you have forgotten him or the family, I beg you as the letter This has not been sent, and he will look to other horizons, where the blue sea and surf every day, same place I could understand him and share with him.

TB: He is not sentimental and powerful, he never had a project that makes her exhausted, his love life and always smiling, so, what you should do is respect the decision from her heart


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