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Private spaces in love

less dependent women in love, even "dissolve" all the men they love. They always want to be when he is somewhere next to you and think about yourself.
They said he would also have the feel and look like they want but do not know accidentally pushed the love away from them. If you feel close relationship between them is gradually becoming worse, he appears increasingly distant and somewhat "afraid" you do it, try to immediately implement the following advice to not break up when he was suffering cold feelings for you.

1. Accept the real guy

Only if you accept his true love, you have the respect and sympathy for him really. This makes you never want him to change simply because you want it. And then you'll find you get more stuff from him if he polished for a separate space.

2. Space reserved exclusively for men

Many expressed an interest in seaweed as he played with his friends little boy, you do not become discouraged. Let him know that you truly want him feeling happy and he can go as long as you like. Even if the reluctance in my heart, you should also outwardly expressed consent. Of course there will be times when you want him on your side rather than the crowd gathered with friends, but more and more force you will only push him away.

If you encourage and support he has time for himself, he will believe that you always want what gives him the best and love you even more. This requires patience but it sure where you guys will appreciate it.

3. Take time for yourself

Please visit relatives, friends or join a course that you like. Whether these activities caused two people apart a few hours or days, you should love to show their support and encourage you to do what you like.

If only heir is always the guy, you will lose many interesting things for your life. We need to experience a more mature every day and spend a little time for myself nothing is being selfish at all.

4. Maintain hobbies and friends

When in love, women always seem obsessive about how to love are always with her. However, a healthy relationship requires a balance. Each person needs time to find its own identity.

Please find this man's past relationships you through friends, relatives or return to the hobby forgotten because a guy. Ask him to go out with friends or relatives to visit the guy when you "break" with his friends visit her daughter or son with you.

5. Arrange time to meet next time apart

This is simple but very effective, such as after a day of fun with friends, the same date he dinner with you. You can also request you to join him with certain activities on the following day. Thus, each account will have the personal time to do what they like but at the same time create a sense of remembrance happiness when mixed together again.

6. Reaffirm yourself and show you how special

Do what is your forte. If you lack confidence or feel insecure about the relationship between two people, do what helps you to reinforce that. Do not look for confidence in him that look from yourself. To do so, you should think about what might work and take immediate success.

7. Asked him to build his own interests

confirm that you really love with the desire to spend time with him, but it also shows how important his of interests and concerns of the young stars. You absolutely can and will find something to do while he was busy with other hobbies or personal interests.

For example, said he likes to play games, you ask the guy to the store to buy the game disc, and he rummaged through all kinds of games he likes and then time for him play.

8. Understand that when to back out after a bit

Learning to understand the meaning of his gestures, asking questions and listening to him speak. Not always free men also revealed their feelings and can not answer when you ask. Please use the subtle instinct of women to understand men. If sometimes he does not want your heirs besides, do not push him.

In such cases, women tend to want there to take care of someone you love but do not understand that it is only two people pushing each other away. Better to leave him alone but told him that anytime he needs you, you will be available immediately.

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