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Price as he is just a dream

She now has a new lover, and yet I still do not forget him. It might have with you, I'm just a dream !!!

Why do not you forget me even after 6 years I have determined to forget him? Why I can not remember whether I met him when we meet only once a year? Price as for me, he is just a dream!

How long is it since we graduated from grade 3 you? 6 years old boy. Long period has not he? Not long but long enough to fade to a ball boy? But why to me, to his image faded so hard?

Do you know the best thing in the lives of his students as they meet you? Step into the layer 10A has impressed me with his know how? I do not know how to describe how it felt the first time I saw you again brother! I'm like a lightning strike me sir. I do believe in love at first sight, so that when they met, they really believe.

He does, he is pretty good at his school, his enthusiasm, he always smiled a smile cause heart rhythm problems, he ... I revel in the thought he is the prince in white horse of my dreams. Oh, so wonderful to me if he could be my Prince.

Then how it? We sit together and study together a class of his right, he knew she was not biased myself when I got the reputation of a class of officials to sit out his team with me? He certainly did not know where!

Semester a Time in Grade 10 was a happy time with me you, sir, because I see you When you look up table you sir, I sit on my side was a desk and a direction to the board as you can see his children so the more you care to look up the table than you sir.

Do you like children, they felt I got it sir. The way he saw me talking to you with an affectionate something in his eyes, you're so glad you sir. I remember one time my class held his Christmas at home and your HT has sent me back and that night I was awake with joy. Oh, I was so happy.

Then one time later, his eyes were looking at me differently, I do not know why and I also did not have the guts to ask, I regret much, deep in thought about why I do not care I like it once was. Oh, I'm stupid for not dare ask him that. If only I ask you, if only you know what makes me like this? If you've asked us now how he then?

The days of grade 11, 12, I was really upset him, sir, because every time we turn over the two different directions, child labor to learn to forget him, and I always hear a stir in his class every time he has a new girlfriend. Then I also noticed that I was in love with another man, she accepts it and familiarize yourself with the people we help each other learn because we are "couples jointly" that. I glad that I was able to picture him in my heart deep sleep.

Then we enter the university entrance exam rigorous and challenging, I did not have time to remember You too, again I was secretly glad I had the soul to forget him. But ironically, gifted students for 12 years is not enough to compensate for the improper selection of the industry's younger brother, sir, you've failed. Then the person you know me well say goodbye boy.
I'm devastated, I did not know you have to have the advantage that people do not do and he would be away from you? Those days I was very sad but he encouraged me, I burst into tears in his eyes water, sir, "he said" all roads lead to success L A, with up. " That would be a lifesaver supplement the courage to step into my 13th school year boy.

The 13 page diary of my class imbued with tears and his image, his first I do not know? And then you have a step ladder to success I a, I entered college, business administration majors like me. You thank him too. But I'm also sad because I will be in SE also take him to Ho Chi Minh City to learn. He went too far, I miss you too you sir.

And then four years of college went by quickly, just to the festival every year, our class is the class meeting days are you nervous wait 2 st to meet him, where he also knows he must not? I feel too good at hiding that.

He now about to start a new career in HCMC, I also went to the SE, he has found a new love you, sir, you happy, you I love and be loved, I will be happy with him, I always like that. And me, I do not have much information about him, but I believe he is who will succeed because he is the leader.

But love is something that you can not control are you sir. Today is the second day of Tet, our class meetings and class me to meet him again. I have no car to go, he is also required that a rear seat, it was tantalizing Creator smart people should not he? Sitting behind you, I was really thrilled me, sir, he is gentle, thoughtful still, still too good for me can not help but recall the old days. Tired and lay down at his home XH, I saw the infinite love me, I wish ......... Yet I still try to take you home, saw me coughing, I'm nodding my cough just want to shift to me.
My dear, do you honestly expect "severe heatstroke," the children will quickly through because I feel sorry for the person you love me now sir. I hope you leave it just a dream for me, so when I'll wake up smiling because of a beautiful dream!

New Year then you sir, hope that next year's Tigers , the layer 12A of the Tigers in the past will rise to as strong as they and success as homeowners, you very much!

He will forever be a dream to me, boy.

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