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Preparing for the first time offline

Online Personals together for a long time, until one day, people want to have a meeting" Offline "for both" come out from the virtual world. "
So, you need to prepare anything in this case?

Do not forget to bookmark name

"Signs" is that you recognize the traits in a crowded place. Do not detail the features on your face, because it is useless. Best to describe the details of clothing, hairstyles and handbags of you.

The best two of you should agree with each other. But places in the garden cafe with soothing music or the ice cream shop is most appropriate. If too quiet easily confused when they both do not know what to say.

In conversation

Page met them, you do not think of "virtual images" that you've ever seen on the network, instead, just as you see them first, so be comfortable talking to and not be forced. Throughout all this, do not mention those two issues that you chat with each other, there are many topics to talk, ask more questions such as personal information, is about a certain event, or ask them to see the music just open to hear how ... Do not look at them so long as "aliens" just because this old unknown face, they should not be run and "fit" when "virtual" and "truth" there is a gap quite far. You can hide away feeling that.

Money problem

This is quite delicate. If not anticipated will lead to awkward situations. If you are male, spend part of their pay, but if you are female, be gladly accepted, and carried a small souvenir gift you chat. So what is fair.

The next time pay, of course you have two "turns." If the first man to pay for ice cream flanking the second man to pay for her trip in the downtown area ... Do not feel embarrassed or afraid to deal with this. Two new you should not be used for single payer is.

After "offline"

Please speak directly with you feeling in your chat session offline, do not talk over the network then, because you two have met each other then they should limit chat online. Instead, it is possible to call, text messaging, or voice chat. You can comment as follows: "The appointment today is quite interesting, hope we have more meetings like this anymore" or "very happy today, but looks sad because only two people. Last after we walk with people offline! "

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