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Praise him love makes headlines

70% of the boys were asked said they expect the price as his girlfriend more often compliment. There are a few simple things that you hear girls say, the guy easily "surrender".

"These days he is clearly looking more healthy / strong definitely better / have more muscle nowaday! "

Not only the girls but the boys also obsessed with my body. Sect men do not necessarily want his girlfriend to lie when they are not balanced look (too fat, causing too ...), but if they look well, or are Fig. hui fitness for a "look is also" the they also desire a compliment.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

The guy spent so much time and effort to try to make people laugh. Because they appreciate the humor and consider it one of the most important qualities of an attractive guy. Therefore, when he tells a joke, they laugh and warm sincerity is what gives them their "nose room" one.

"Wow, cool"

Whether it's face when he bought himself a new shirt or after he helped repair the computer you are on strike, the exclamation sentences short and sweet this work as a doping dose for his ego.

"Everybody loves him seem"

This sentence should say when he came to visit your family or as a comment after you go play with his friends. Over 50% of men found that family relationships and friends more important than jobs and their wages by the relationships that define the words himself. So when his girlfriend claimed that his relationship really good, praise it as a "comprehensive" for a guy so perfect.

"According to him, so what?"

This sentence may not seem like a compliment, but for the boys if they are emitted in the right circumstances it again extremely important. Whether you know redundant fastest route to the post office is any way, or the sport best suited to play in the summer, the boys will really "touched" when you ask.

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