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Powerful weapon of the 'willow'

More girls blow-file with stylish clothes, food say on TV and act as manga movies. But in fact, to "knock out" a guy, what weapons are most effective?
Listen to the opinion of the "victims" replied Women magazine.

humble and clever

"Sometimes, I and she happens" war. " I'm usually quiet at first but at some point, I just stand up, speak haphazard, not think at all. At that time she was always silent.

Although there are times, I'm wrong, but is "stubborn as a bull", she still make concessions, despite my "discharge" of all that anger out loud. She even "healing" to me shortly thereafter, by the very natural way. "

The girls today are drawn to the television picture: Guys always make concessions to the daughter!? Actually, life is not so. When angry, his son was often difficult to suppress their feelings, and thanks to the ingenuity of her daughter that everything will be more satisfied again.

Altruism and caring

"I'm afraid or express feelings and concerns with people around. But loved her since I was different. Mother's Day, birthdays of relatives, parents' wedding day ... she will always remember to buy flowers, write cards and told me very emotional message, a call to congratulate and gifts for everyone ...

Gradually, my pictures with people changed forever. Thanks to her there. And I love her by kindness, caring for all persons. "Sincere

" I have never seen her attitude, inappropriate behavior with anyone. She introduced me to all your friends, family, loved her clearly, but gently. She knew all my friends and always helping me to help them or their advice, too.

All of these actions makes me absolutely confident in her and our love. "

The" formal "more

"He loves me not as pretty as she models on TV, but she always appears in front of me to dress neatly, and with seasonal work, my hair is always smooth but the fragrance and very trendy. In addition, she was very innocent, very confident style. And I do not deny that I was "attracted" by the factors they did. "

Of course, apart from the "weapons" on, men also mention some other things as the ability of women in the district, professional ability and social position and you know, men are afraid of smart girl, the evidence is that they only assess it as "weapons" ranked No. 6 in the "beat" them. Know what? a man

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