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Poured hundreds of top ... husband

Each time the couple went supermarkets, Huong again enlist up to list all the items on the foreign activities are wearing hubby agree or not. Then, the couple caught the bus to get back to Phu Tho donations for specific gifts.
Huong (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) have a habit of buying everything in pairs, from the bottle cooking oil, salt packets, to toothpaste, soap box ... If Jasmine Linh - Huong said she has a quick question, "I bought for his grandmother. You know, at home, but buy these cars to run 30 minutes a little. "

A few days ago, the couple went supermarket shopping discount electronics, certain Huong 5 fans choose to buy a heater, sure brought back a gift for his grandparents, then his sister, even her grandchildren in their home. Spirit lament: "I'm not so up the board with his wife but she just spent this network promoted it very dangerous. We're going to have a plan Monday that the baby is born. "

Tham Family - Reviews (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) because they conflict with his younger wife. But his dormitory near his house, but she should constantly asked. For example always that argument about burning function for gas to go to my wife to learn more or to tutor evenings. He grimaced: "He took me all of the motorcycle want her to tutor him for this evening, but God knows it is always the first. Gas money it has much more than gas money every month I go to work. Said that the security situation but his calculations .... "

Look unpleasant face of her husband, Tham no sympathy, on the contrary, many times she said that he only thought of selfish family. Then, after spending Tham sat back to see her glasses sweaters donated money to buy her mother, husband and father donated medicine bottle wine ... how expensive.

Money - The threat of happiness

general economic problems after marriage is not something simple. Whether in any circumstances, the couple should agree with each other financially. Especially the role of the wife in maintaining a stable family life. Trouble arises when the husband will have to bear additional concerns for her own family. In the context, the wife should objectively review their responsibilities, should not be forced to carry her husband's wife adds.

Even if the wife has higher income than the husband, should also delicate in manners. Absolutely avoid just the attitude that care little for external damage to the husband.

No one denied that the wife wanted signaling to their parents after marriage. However, this responsibility should stop at certain extent and her husband need to consult carefully.

Do not give money to family secrets behind her husband to avoid misunderstanding, suspicious each other. Ideally, the couple should have a common account and discuss the contribution to the internal and external parties fairly. If the wife thinks only about the interests of his family will push her husband into the dilemma and happy family rift

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