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The posture of the 21st Century sex-Very useful!

KS_S.positions_for_21st_Century_Lovers.rar couples today seem very important in the position to make love. This should also set out for us all to learn and hone.
style or change positions to make love always make fun, novelty of issues that sex couples wanted the collection to look forward to keep the family happy. It did not make the couple relationship becomes boring, women are not considered too passive, men are not being processed do not know "what technology? Quot; but also increases love between people, Forum she will be happier, fresh young beauty, the men will feel more confident that life will be more successful career.

article below will turn approved a number of ways to position sex. Please read the references and suggestions to make up places omissions.

1. Type "Missionary"

Missionary Style The most basic is a type of man as sexual activity. It's not fancy, no frills but a child who never knew sex could also be applied. This model is simple: women are tilt back, legs outstretched, the man who lowered themselves to the body so that both women face, both hands against the two men to support their body weight. From this position, the man will be free to promote spinning or twisting buttocks, hips, and thighs. If a man down just enough and put them on the body weight of the female pelvis can rub st reading (negative cost), making the woman is stimulated more. The women may or butt up close to a man used as a springboard legs lifted feet or buttocks clamped men to curb the rapid pace of the slower man.

2. Type "Tuc Kien Thien Thuong"

This kind of woman who can lift your feet up towards the sky or have your legs slightly so that both feet touch the ground surface. Many women when apply this posture to feel more comfortable style "Missionary." This kind of easy for men easy avenue to the penis, vagina means that both men and women will enjoy the ma strong close in the flesh. This type can be better if the woman can put my feet up on the buttocks of the men. Adds a new sense of creativity for women, men and pelvis gently rub in st reading (negative cost) woman.

3. Type "Lock-Sufficiency"

This kind of woman lifting up his legs and lock them around male buttocks or back. The higher the women lifting the man stabbed deeper penis into the vagina, because the information highway to the vagina without barriers by chest and abdomen. If the woman who has a high viscosity they can be locked around his back legs so that men and women who can grip a man to pull her close to or is gripped by two-lap men because most men find pleasure when feeling high woman dug two feet firmly on the skin. Only one man disadvantage when applying this style: the men will be easy or quick ejaculation because the frictional strength and depth of vaginal contractions tighten the positive stuff. The reason that people recommend using a "lock-Sufficiency" in the final phase of intercourse to ejaculation deep inside. This kind of good for couples who want to have kids: After ejaculation posture to keep sperm from overflow.

4. Type "Carrying Over the Mountain Cay"

this type or be validated by means men easy to make profit. To apply this model, the woman hung up on the shoulders of a man legs, clamping them two men inside the temple. From this position, men are free to draw positive stabbing instrument. But remember that the type This should not apply to men too specific to be positive as it can make people uncomfortable when women touch the cervix. The men have always observed women to read the feelings that move so that interested case. In addition this type can help men look at women who are happy. At inspiration can suck the big toe of a woman.
Note: Legs are far more women are moving penis in depth.

5. Type "Frog Sitting ropes"

This type does not apply if you want to "settle" for soon, but its advantage is gently slow, warm feeling more intimate. To practice this type of woman rolled back, the man down on his knees so that both heels butt need to shrink my "Ham Ma Cong," Wang Feng of the Western European Single , his back erect, hands to remove the breast, stomach, arms, or stimulate the female vulva. Also men can hold two legs to pull the woman close to her than just level. To the woman, the butt ass back to the bottom and balance while two or banana heel guard on the shoulders of men. For your convenience, can put a pillow under your back and bottom of the female neck. When performing this posture should not last so long as you can make your muscles are tired. During intercourse the woman can read or delete shaped spinach men can do this by using your thumb, remember absorbent pads. One other point of interest when applied from this: men would have aroused more easily observed shallow depths of the ocean in the tool indentation protruded vulva. The men can bend the breast licking.

6. Type "Long Ready"

Long to Italy says it is using a low bed or chair to your sa-coat to form a separate position. The woman lying in bed, hangs down the legs, soles of the feet touch the ground. The men down on his knees under the thigh of land between two women. The important thing here is to find a bed or chair so that just sa-fur Games. If the bed is too high men must stand. So go buy the bed from now to remember to choose that home! advantage of this position to help men and women with mobility, with harmonious rhythm of occasions. The women have more autonomy than when butt bounce up into the deep south to find either woman could spin buttocks and hips to increase friction on the st read. The men have more freedom crashed or is contrary to, shallow depth as you like. Also , this type of help for men who ejaculate longer than other types because they do not have the hug.

7. Type "Sardines Placement"

Type "Sardines Placement "here means four legs straight, male body overlaps the female body, it sticks out like sardines into this box. The majority of women prefer a" Missionary "dang feet away, but also some women prefer a "Missionary" but his legs closed, it is a "Placement Sardines." This position will increase the excitement and feeling different from other types: more passionate , love more. Why do some women prefer this position, which is to say when a close female legs, vagina will be squeezed around the old road, which means that will increase the friction for both men and women. In addition this position will also help to bring positive men directly into the vagina tools, will create friction in the st read directly. Men can also put all his weight on the women, will feel they are doing or are all such flights. Be careful because the woman could not bear the weight of the floating man. This kind of color will make a man ejaculate it!

8. Type "perpendicular"

This kind of excitement will be very special and usually found in art books broken. To apply this model, the woman who rolled back on the bed . The men knelt spinach sat so close to his female buttocks. Then lift the leg men and women put on their shoulders. The men will use the old road "massage" outside the vagina, on the outer edge and two read st. If women want to "massage" the edge of this side more then just moving the legs on the shoulders of men. This position is difficult for every man who wants to emerge as the weight from foot woman . But why do not they get used to it hung. Also this type of man can add licking toe sucking women who make women feel more honored.
Note: This style is suitable for the belly or pregnant young woman was carrying.

9. Type "T"

Once you've tried every type on, much as you want to change thinking a new position a little bit. So, try to type "T word" go! The women rolled back. The men who set square to lie so that women and forming a "T. If a man lies on the left direction women, the young men are bored piles will be on the right leg of the women. Chan left the woman who would put his men. This position will increase the friction on the spinach and positive reading can stimulate specific G spot should be slowed so that the old road back and forth gently in and out. This model may apply if you want to prolong the rain clouds.

10. Type "Women Arise"

When it comes to "The Top Women" should know that women are demanding equal rights, right on. Then many years now, women were under men riding on I, too, at a woman asked: "How do you play it smart, for I was up on this?". And the men who want to trade, they must be rolled back out while two women he hands Records the men, sitting on the stomach slowly inched down the man and the ocean so that specific match. When you have the depth, the woman who will do all the movements and depth in the vagina. The female can lay down to kiss the while the old men sitting or jumping straight up. The women also moving hips, waist, and hips in circles or back and forth to make people feel positive men turned their instruments "st st." Why do women prefer this style? Because it stimulates the st read more, with feeling deep in the vagina, and both heavily into the vagina. So instead of men who have benefited from any point in this? Yes ! When used this way, men will lose much more sensation on the position and may prolong the Pope. "Also, men who spoiled ... touch her breasts.

11. Type "Open Close"

This kind of man he is back with legs Records. The girls are bored sitting down, put my pussy so positive going into deep detail in a natural way . The four women lying on his lap and closed her man back. When a woman has been closed thighs, vaginal narrowing due to pressure from both sides, is thought to be more positive pressure for both men and detail will increase pleasure. This position not only makes men ejaculate quickly that women, too.

12. Type "Horse On the contrary,"

This kind of woman needs sitting on the south, back to back. The men and women on their backs clamped male body. The two women knelt down pillow like the frog was sitting, his hands touching the knees to get the man lifted buttocks up, down. This position required specific positive into the vagina with an angle of inclination, making women extremely interesting. If a woman wants to increase stimulation for men and women can be bent by hand "massage" the testicles (eggs testicle) men.

13. Type "Arms adjective"

this type is not simple to do but also a kind favorite of many couples. The men rolled back. The women sit on, put yourself in the vagina, back straight so comfortable. The men sit up and wrapped his arms around the woman, and woman hugging a man as well. The important thing is to sit quietly during the four eyes at each other lovingly, talk to each other so romantic, smiling happily, as long as that passion. Remember kissing passionately. The women are usually interested in romance this type because they feel loved, to be noticed.

14. Type "Animal Love"

This model can basically be called type "Dog" or "doggy style." This kind of a majority of men approved for new, breakthrough in sex. It not only stimulates more men, but also satisfy the tastes of them. But the road women, especially Asians, sometimes little sympathy with this position because not very romantic style romance, a bit more sex than love. Western woman is different, their passion for this type because the depth of the vagina and empty clause is sealed, the intensity Pope will more aggressively fierce. To apply this model, the woman knelt, bowed, like cattle, or prone position in bed or on pillows stars for anti-butt, thighs exposed vagina just enough to bring out the face. The hand of the female body resist loosening or stretching. The men squatted in the back, back straight, legs or bending over to attack style "code of" martial my house. abdomen below the five billion people on the female buttocks. The men can freely change the position of feet inside or outside the female thigh. Many men prefer women thighs close together to vaginal contractions to narrow down again, increasing friction between the vagina and positive tool. In this posture, the male circles the freedom to move back and forth, fast or slow. This kind of put the couple move into a fantasy world of sex, because the angle will be different than the penetration depth and friction on new and better place. Most men do not prolong the traffic is wild if this posture by applying stimuli like mental and physical level is always paramount. Often, couples or "to win" at times like this last.

15. Type "Con trick"

Type "Con trick" is like the dog type, but differs in that both are standing instead of kneeling. The women can stoop stooped, hands against the side of the bed to get your balance or down by the head, folding the back, head towards the ground, hand combat. The men put their hands to push the butt to put on your hips or woman for that.

16. Type "obtuse" (large angle more than 90 degrees)

While the man is back on the bed, the woman who sat on the belly men lied about the feet of men, as far as possible, you can use your hands grasp the feet How to lean men. This kind of positive help to go into detail with a vagina unusual angles, at a little more difficult. But it feels characteristics compared with other positions. Duong particular bent down rather because the upward curve. The woman who can push themselves to put forth, men can use hand bull female up for easy moving. Even though many in this type of stimulus into the vagina but not directly stimulate sound ganglion

17. Type "stool"

A couch, a stool or a chair is sometimes useful to form a position. This type often used for men with deformities or diseases of the extremities, are difficult to move. The men sit comfortably in a chair, back straight, while the women sat on the thighs, back, chest touching the man. By the help in arms and legs, the woman who can swing faster lap slower arbitrary men. The man can put his hand in front of breast massage or back massage woman. If the chair is not convenient benefits may be used to replace beds: man kneel so that the heel need to butt, the woman approached the man directly. This position not so easily moved, but for many strange feeling excited.

18. Type "Accept bent back"

The female face-down prone position in bed with his legs so he Records vaginal drying out. The men lying up so that the butt, in between the thighs of women. To ease into the female body, men should put a pillow under the abdomen to lift the woman up to the higher rump. You can put a pillow under the head woman so comfortable. Most men find sexual excitement in a position to pitch a little special because it focuses on the alms of friction. But people have positive short-tools will be easily out of the mouth, vagina cultivation. big man can hand down to massage the female breast, and kiss on the neck or coordinate backs women to increase their ear stimulation.

19. Type "Executive Tilt Even Belly"

The men rolled back in bed. The girl is back, back touching the breasts of men. The benefits of this posture is a free man in his hands to massage the breast or read a st women. This type suitable especially for women who are pregnant because it does not impact on the woman's abdomen. To add spice to this type, can apply a little oil on the slippery shoulders, abdomen, and female breast, (If you use condoms (condom) should not stick to oil.) or using power tools pornographic run (vibrator) to stimulate the reader into the spinach.

20. Type "Put Sam"

When it comes to baby Sam, who also knew this species, as male sex, the children hang on the back swim wear for children everywhere. People also can be applied in this way to have sex. To do this, both men and women, facing the same direction, is tilted. The men and women behind the previous year. The South backs slightly away from the women to form a small angle to easily put their instruments into the body-positive women. Although this type do not have much self-mobile, but it's both a sense of intimate, cozy, and well report. The man who can kiss the girls neck. ... But remember the woman who applied some of the perfume that he likes. The benefit of this posture is done after making love, both can fall asleep.

21. Type "Tilt"

The woman lying on bed, legs slightly up or the knees can touch the chest, thighs tight. The men kneel, heel need on the buttocks, backs erect. The benefit of this posture helps to increase the friction between positive and negative household tools. The men will add a position to stimulate the sex market, while the women will add a new feel .
Here are a few high level positions in the "treasure" An Art Ai yet to satisfy the fantasy of some people. Remember that this position "superior" should have health and flexibility, the new do:

22. Type "Banana Tree"

When it comes to growing bananas, people think of ground down by the feet into the sky. Yes, the woman who put your hands down your legs to the sky, the man standing two feet before and after the woman, slowly put his penis into the vagina.

23 . Style "Bubble Stuff"

The women lie down with legs bent on all levels so that heel hook to the head, buttocks raised. The men stood behind his legs, facing side also, trying to put his penis into the vagina, swinging his body like you are using a balloon stuffed. This kind of handy if the woman meant tasting sperm, male during ejaculation simply removed they can go straight into the mouth of female reporters. If there is a rich imagination, you can use a woman as the focus, men can shoot any angle of the circle from 0 to 359 degrees to create private this diversity.

24. Type "shadow"

The woman is back in bed, the man stood his ground on his instrument for positive women. finished, the man holding the woman bounced up, took arms buttocks of women. legs clamped butt women, two men arms around the neck to lighten the weight. The two sides so the appropriate move. Off to say the man is healthy, especially in hands, then just hold the ladder just okay.

25. Type "Push Car"

The females lay heads or tails on the bed so that the back half off the bed, the man standing on the ground, between the thighs of women, raise your hands and keep both feet for a par women. If a woman sports athlete, there can use his quick hands to the ground instead of in bed.


The type of sex are shown in the Here, from basic to advanced no purposes other than to increase the pleasures of love for lovers, creating a new, modern, filled with happiness for life partner. But too much abuse of position I will become its slave, the slave of it, always requires fresh new female sexual satisfaction is in the heart. The harm of it is flowing petal in love will just fade away because Fitness too inclined surface, a body that lacks sensation spirit. This does not mean to be so old-fashioned in a posture forever because it will produce a feeling of boredom, feeling only fulfill "obligations parts "for finished alone in couples families stir unrest. Today when it comes to religious matters, some people are only interested in sexual activity at an appropriate time: no ties on Sunday, not relations on Christmas Day or Easter. When talking about ethics, morality, people do not like to describe the style of the room, they said that the couple relationship is just like television, only a kind of "Missionaries" is to be approved in addition to their other positions are in-deviant sexual sin.

After all is the quest to discover a new position in sex as something so done but must be discussed between the parties and to know the right time to apply it properly, the new benefit to promote all of it by not only cause for his selfish personal feelings, feelings just want to satisfy the but despite his fantasy opponent like it or reasonable

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