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Poodle Hair

particular, but solitary, Cambodian always trying to" hide "with love for fear of injury or someone because of his injury. One day, as fairy tales, Cambodia meet your hair ruffled his childhood days ...
- Color Acrylic Co-ban also does not she?
- Past and Asia, tomorrow or the day grandchildren out there for it to be.
- I have A very urgent. Mai is not in it.
- You can be up there when Kieu was still there, I see my friends up there yesterday to buy still.
- Yeah baby, I forgot it was on also, thank nhé.
It is complete submission form shirt homework tomorrow, but in the large pile Nhon rummaging under the bed is no longer the blue cobalt it needs. It replaced the blue but it does not coordinate to coordinate an acceptable alternative to that, a coat of paint it has a deep red, not scarlet. News reporters that the vehicle speed in the port was also pretty color. Do not understand Today it steps out of the house with no front legs but the bad luck. Is rotten, then even heard one guy suggest that poodle hair Kieu test, he looked very familiar does not remember meeting the where.
- Hey teacher arrived. I sent the car at home, keep them polished!
- You're quick to Cambodia, which has brought the exercises do not know, today the deadline for submission then.
- Yeah Yeah bring it, because what the hell all that yesterday I was up all night, go later today. Cards, I came here.

May ... so it just sat on the seat, the teacher arrived. Chickened howling.
- Hey San, a coat of new color I do not eat but hate, yesterday it kept rising and rising and will repair forever. Wait for the new dark, dry flowers even trim some wire around lithium. I destroyed it, too sleepy.
Yawning wrong with a jaw full of comfort, hand on it locusts dull red-purple hair short to reduce confusion, friends look at me with eyes "dreamy "and succulent.
- Who told her just before it was so occupied with the Golden Chrysanthemum. While new to be paid at maturity. Deserved. Look at this, I draw my dress is not beautiful, white flowers pale yellow dress, blue dress at the foot rim, vines running along the upper body.
- Well, would you, in consumption as if she did. But there nice. I do not know this time has also been criticized for dithering in sentiment again. Pray for the victims from the disaster.
San learned since it went with the children, two kids together and drawing on a college exam. But between it and San totally opposite. San consumption, the radio, light and feminine, the right type of Hanoi old daughter, all works are well up San draw something fresh and clear. It is always stubborn and obstinate, what I also want to add the label used, but it drew clothes full of improvisation does not like to follow rules. It's like something simple but really special. San also liked the gaudy, exquisite and delicate. Maybe that is featured on the relationship between its 10 years and San Francisco. Dreaming dreams filled with yellow daisies on it for the last collection period, the San tap on it:
- this domain, and the Ocean yesterday I had to say goodbye then.
Love is almost 2 years back by the voice said San tenh so lightly. It said Yang will always love and respect you because Yang was the youngest girl in the house so he says. So why do it?
- Ocean always treated me just like the old girlfriend he's dead, I just substitute only. Yesterday, the three-year anniversary date of her round loss he told me so, he tells me he loves me because I look like her old days. He can not forget the death of her because he thought he was the main cause. Today she was a traffic accident two people are angry with each other. I do not want to ask again, because I think time will inconsolable grief, but maybe I was wrong, only shelves you sir.
- You sure do not, who knows him, his chances you may receive as the main man what about you.
- I was tired then, once Ocean was wrong of her birthday birthday tao, Yang drunken moments he looked at me and call her. I do not know will never have to wait until the feelings that I only know to go unrequited.
Not know what to say. Free know at this dose only consolation for the San is the silence of it. San beside it and just said nothing. School that day passed heavily, murky sky about to rain. San do not want it put on: "You go on before I want to go alone - such as flight then ran down the pitch.
Noisy students poured out of the classroom buildings, parking lot workers rushing to hurry back to avoid late summer rains dedicate. A few grains fall class squeeze it through the hair, but this time it did not know about up, with his wife every morning working out of the bag, do not do hats. Constant rain for the home, many watching the school when it was in this peaceful setting and very special again, watching the rain through a screen.
Temporary withdrawal of the paper clip, it wants to render the scene . It wants to record images flowers pink azalea soggy. Remember that image makes it a very sad movie love. As Dew, like dancing again like style. The rain as it always sad and think about the movie that, for a scene in the movie a guy waiting for her lover to return and the two kissed in the rain, the last two people can not come together. Generally this is the rain at the time it's very emotional outpouring and disease, "Sen" of it coming back.
God is constant, its flowers fade out gradually over the definition of lead free mineral, delicate and fragile.
- He drew a flower so lifeless, limp as it looks to accept a rain is not expected to rain down like grass shampoo for washing off any dust.
not want looked up to see who is talking for fear of losing the inspiration circuit, it looked just plug polishing medium replied.
- Everyone wants to see a beautiful flower, then who would want to watch a cotton as of withered flowers, I like something special and different.
- always other people, why do not you lonely?
One question makes it surprised ...
I put my picture in the drawing at noon on the price. Painting a girl sitting painting. It is the third time I met her again, a very special girl, at least in his thoughts ... The Clair de Lune
Debussy echoed around the room, a sweet music work endless inspiration for it in times of emotion is "sublimation" to complete the design. These tiny yellow flowers that last collection selected for public good light and soaring, it wants the viewer to look at these works and seeing as you're jumping between a sunny field.
A fairy white dress twist in the music model it is trying to convey in this collection. It recalls the old days, when it may be moved to new places as a boy he has enjoyed watching it near the house painting and painting it is always nice compliment though it really does not know how or not. Today it moved, he gave it to her a picture painted by him. She sat rocking chair theater painting hung drawn on paper, white dress, petite and pretty adorable as the fairy tales of "little girl".
He claimed: Will sometimes I went to school and his art. I'll be the first to recognize him. Fairy paintings that for now it remains, but the boy near his home, it had not seen for 10 years, his home and moved house not long after it. The first collection is to draw it draw you to him if he remembers it like daisies.
Cold wind blows it rushed into the room curtains flying, calling it tonight to see her mother told San San fever, do not want to talk to anybody, San quiet need, which is why it does not want to love someone because they fear it because it makes other people that get hurt or vice versa.
immersed in his memories of your childhood, memories of field daisies ...
San still off school. Today is the day it's class to interact with both layers of the same course in the hall, preparing for a dinner meeting time last year. It has registered and selected a set of night, we had to see the love people show how intended.
- and then met again, this place no one sitting right.
- Well now it is.
- I was Minh, Minh Khai, class C
- Free class B. His name or real, just called an old friend of his.
Dress that night took it to the Golden Chrysanthemum that it cared about so long. But sure the organizers of the evening so it will skirt along with a male friend in another class may also bring the form to attend as it felt a little bored, because it's what I want, but the only story where others have it.
One month later.
- is free, the Gold Chrysanthemum done yet, show à mai.
- Temporary considered finished, but I find it lacks something. Take khogn think.
Tonight it as the model for the form which it designed, to set back yesterday but the male model did not go along with it ill be set so it is not known face, just know who replaced him wearing a pretty nice model, which features innovative and cutting very subtle, very masculine. Claws reddish nodules curls straight final order, thanks to the hands of San today it looks "special" feminine. Look in the mirror he saw his true is jumping on the sunny fields where it thought. The white dress embroidered flowers its picture makes it recalls the old days ...
- The dress of the two zones Golden Chrysanthemum class B with no rain date of class C Minh Khai will end fashion shows and opening night gala evening for us today.
- he looked really cute today. He set up first this looks like a tiny fairy there. We then turn to behold
- is pray. I am surprised to realize hair is shaggy and demonstration model to me, and I also know what buttons Minh daisy gift is what I found missing the afternoon.
Hair ruffled promise , back and realize Mien, Cambodian
pulled out of his hiding place.
Today ruffled hair looks strange is not ruffled hair glasses as the first day I met in the shop art supplies outside the school gates. Ministry of truth Tuxedo with him, it's cold, sad and just "days without rain." Two little hands it out on stage wearing, shaggy hair, the smile then, also it is remembered that he had shaggy hair who ...
- finally got him out? As I said in the past have not, I'll recognize him before that.
- I did not know it was him, he looked ...
- Minh Son Unlike the old guy should not.
Today rushing to raining, suddenly put his hand on the cheek, remembering the evening's first kiss, a kiss in the rain when I put it on. It won the year categories mouse guy lurking in the shadows and find your prince.

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