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Please wait for my next life you very much!

Time is passing hustle .. Life has been ngay.Chi he could not live with the old days, it seems my soul has died.
price as you do not mind, if only I could sleep a long sleep but never woke up, and price as you can forget Then you ... I will not feel pain anymore

Perhaps both he and I have been through many hardships, but I can not overcome together continue to be here each other anymore.
Seeing him suffering families opposed their romance, that he must give up a better future is waiting for you in the front because my back .... I really extremely weak.
I do not have the courage to step along his path promising happiness, not as fun with you the sad, can not .... I could not anymore ....
I lied me that you've changed, I had a new lover ... and .. You are about to marry.
He loved
Maybe someone you love is always eager to be with her lover, the love and care for someone you love for the entire period doi.Nhung I think back to the other, I can accept the pain, is acceptable to leave him ... I was just happy to see him ... he will not have to choose between you and your family will not abandon the future is glowing door is welcoming him .... I do not want to see him sad anymore.
In fact I have not changed, I have not stopped loving him, not you afraid of suffering, fear of disadvantage when you love me ... but because I really love him.
I only knew life to the concept of love, to me, is not happy to be with someone you love that is happy to see her lover happy.
But again why the life more painful ring so for me, so my life back to me so unfairly? but
Why ????
Why do not you let me make the final agreement, not for me to see him happy happy ... oh! .. why so ???....
Trip grim car accident had robbed him out of this life, he robbed from my life? aspire ... is so little of me does not make you happy ...
My dear! The sky he let loose of you, I can see you are suffering does not seem to know him? .. I've lost all my life was not for me but have not you happy ..
I really miss you, remember the memories we had together, remember the path we have traveled, the stories, even the bitter memory you and I have gone through .... I miss you very much. If only I could ... and he left this world, happy with him in building another world ... if only I can do that.
But no, by your side still my parents, my loved ones, they need me .. ah you!
I need to move on, the hard times he has often told me to be strong and courageous, but, I believe in remote areas that he will understand me, will motivate me through this pain should not he?
So from now, the vast line between children who have lost loved you most, have Perhaps you've run out of tears, I can not cry anymore, I just want to scream, I want to scream his name out loud to the sky, I hear you, you want my body screamed for breaking out of infinite pain take ..........................
I have not heard him? Did you see my heart was broken last don.Dieu take pain deep in my heart to tell him that: "I'll give him to this lifetime, no one can replace him in my heart ... I really miss you and love you !..!!!..."

I hope this dream will finally get to him, and he will wait for you in the afterlife. . wait for you certain you very much!

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