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Please try one believe

You're right, "I really humiliating when
demeaning themselves begging for a dead love." But because I can hardly forget him, the more I can not stop loving you

Only this time only, this will be the last time I wrote to him. Because you know, I can not hook my love. I concern and worry a lot. Maybe there were rumors or not about you, but that is not the main reason he does not it? So far, six months from the day he mad at me then said goodbye. It makes me so incredibly not acceptable. There Sometimes you have to accept also think it's true, but never hope for me. I have always just a challenge for them, a lesson for you. But these days, with cold, His indifference made me understand that love in him was no longer true.

6 months now. A painful series of long days with gnawing dull pain in my heart, but period is too short to be able to lay many beautiful memories and very sad in the memory domain. 6 months have passed and that the pain in me seemed only yesterday. You're right, " very humiliating when you stoop to begging for a dead love. " I can hardly forget him, the more I can not stop loving you. So, every time I say I felt a slip somewhere in my heart a big pain.

It is true that in life no doubt I guess the word it? When you love each other, how do you know when I will have to become like this where, how do you know there was cold, emotionless enough to meet each other do not want to give an eye or even a smile courtesy. Do not know time has passed him easily? But to me it is indeed difficult, painful.

I broke up, what is the reason the question of children every second, every minute. I own tormented, tormented myself when I hear people say, I leave you because you have others, because he could not accept your past. I have another job or not, I think he's the least understand. I believe that's just his excuse to vin on and off of you. But the past, it not a sin, who also had a past, and he has yet.

Only when I heard someone say he has someone else then, you can see in somewhere in the person you really hurt. I used to see me and they go together hand in hand, I was not crying and did not dare to face it. You are not weak or artificial tears as you think. In surprise I see, I think he is not a fast rate to the change of heart. Your children, it is also seen carrying him and other people on the street is very romantic. It has said to me, but I do not believe. I just think it is just angry that he do in me. So now, as I see more suffering.

He said he do not love me, our life is not related to each other, he replaced disgraced me, the I made him do the disgusting, they are devious, sinister ... Do not know when it comes, I'm not thinking, I have felt too heavy words, or he felt very satisfied with that? But to me it is extremely painful, he accidentally or deliberately saying the words makes my heart hurt, his words like salt so close to my heart. I did what I thought to myself, tricks how could we let go of words that makes him so caustic?

Why when love is so much happier, but when they do not love anymore we again looked at each other with different eyes, even disgusting? Naturally I feel he is too cruel. Then at least you do not love each other and keep a little love right? I'm like our hearts have the courage to turn back on, contrary to what he had done. I also think you should stop. He looks at you stop, do not look at her shadow that he look into my children. I see him right, I'll decide what to do, probably would be simpler.

I tell myself to look within yourself, do not love me anymore, but rather to love themselves more. Do not run after him again, but should reach out. Who knows, then he will come back, why? If happy, then sad, then so should laugh but cry my heart. Then it will alleviate the pain. But no reason why that is the heart beat. I still want to continue to hook him. I once read somewhere that: "Tying people are not promises. Just feel eager to do one thing that is enough. "Voluntary addition eagerness that nothing is binding on the human heart, so do not believe that someone will forever change . On the death without weapons or the absolute power that could hold a heart when it was determined to turn the way.

Whether it is a beauty, a deep love, memories deep, passionate. more is not weakness, dexterity, or seems smart exquisitely sweet, rich and pity ... The things that can hook one body, one mind but can not grasp the heart. " "The heart which is a fragile creature and lack consistency. So please believe in goodness, kindness, on the way ... but do not believe in the immutability of cognitive and emotional human beings.

Please believe I loved this moment, but do not guarantee that you will be loved forever. If the subject leaves room for change, we will avoid many deeply hurt. Any anyone can have at change. "I read it several times, trying to forget him, to believe in this world nothing is forever, to abandon him, to accept the truth. Whatever know that this pain it's not easy to heal. Time will help heal my wounds. Let's live with courage, have faith in life.

Do not consider this loss beat that, please see this as a lesson, an experience to overcome the challenges ahead. I think I like it, sir, but do not know you have not. I'll try to see love Our fate is the game that arrangement. for our fate to meet, but does not bind us, it tries to hook him is not it? But who knows, this is only the initial test, why ? I'll forget him, but still very much hope, I hope the earth spins, and also his farewell we will meet again.

From now you do not bother you anymore, but there are times when I remember too, I'll ... beep or message. "Do not upset and angry with the child home. I do not want to explain to him much, but I just want to tell that you are not an tricks. I have no one other than him, for now still is. I believe it or not it is right for you, but please do not doubt. It is my belief that you do not like to before. But I try to believe this was only you very much.

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