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Pile to find buffaloes?

was far away from the police department maiden acknowledge the" buffalo looking pile "not to dare to do the opposite again. His daughter, we now have enough confidence to express their feelings with people ... my heart fluttered.
However, for" he "knew his feelings ... they also need to have tactics and the art it daughter, sir!

sober Reason

daughter of capital or dreamy romantic makes it extremely easy to emotionally overwhelm reason. A heart is not enough emotional outpouring that requires alertness to the rational observer, said wisely, be honest about who you are emotionally spent. This will help you avoid "uu love me" in love and then regret this choice does not match the original.

Do not terrorism ... love it

daughter often express, express emotions overflowing with people you love easier than boys. But not always that the disclosure also bring positive effects. Although a "link" but it is not clear whether the attitude of the people for their daughters how they should do ... people with terrorist messages, phone calls or excessive care. We will make "the enemy" ... choking it.

Also not stupid to get out of tears as weapons along with threats, "he does not love you ... then you will die" (child son did not have the courage to love her little bit of threatening death and do not love their lives where).

maintain its own identity your

adjust itself to beauty and perfection in the eyes of his son that his daughter should do so. But do not because they want to please that girl to change "plucking smuggling skydiving too!. For example, your capital is very girly girl but people say that girls prefer a strong personality so that you also have to turn 180 degrees, turning to "force it" to be true personality. Have very good lyrics that "people do not ask why Oh I still love you more ... because you are still you ...." Yes, always true to his own people, his daughter sir.

Know say love in time

When emotions determine your heart ... for boys were ripe, go ahead girl spoken of his love for his son nhé. Do not hesitate when she found out I had to say his love for his son to understand (if not, just wait son long neck ... "turn signal" is the first daughter will miss the opportunity and grace hate it later).

If the worst case, the son did not respond to her feelings, the girls also do not have to shame, what sorrow. Confidence to express his love for his son is also a proud winner of the girls then.

Chainsaw pour son, why not, her daughter it?

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