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The picture was confused and did not like love story movies

- An paintings by Hoang Anh brought her to increase the draw, as a signal" green light ". But An was disappointed, Phan almost indifferent. Very soon, An Huang knew that He had told Phan, Hoang Anh paint that picture ...
There are stories that people are unlikely to forget in my life, even if it becomes a vicious streak imprinted in my mind. Human memory is often not easy to forget a ball was too familiar to you when it becomes memories and always present things around.

A warm summer evenings oi, emerald orchid bloom early odor hard headedness throughout space, the atmosphere is not a silent wind. Candlelight shining bright in the room. I remember when he was a baby his final year secondary school, and hold nhit incense powder, there are None and talk dreamily as the weather changes. The last day for May graduation exam and exam in high school students often doing crazy flooding, especially during frequent power outages like this. Through his office window, I remember when I was drawing a picture hung theater quite personal, but not for me but for a person, whom I feel so "special", for now remain so. Watercolor painting of a forest road construction is hidden on the banks of streams, are 10 paintings on the back I wish you did for him. Others can picture it meaningless, but that is my dream and it reflects part of me.

I studied with gas molecules do it? Perhaps grade 2, well that would be a reasonable grade. Islamic fascist idiot kids then I see everything is blurred, childhood memories rushed over in the calm of life and surrounded by family. To level II, I just see him as a friend no more no less, a man with many interests like me. Looking at him I always found that there is something sad and melancholy hidden behind a pair of beautiful eyes that can not describe in words, making it uncomfortable to talk to. But every time I see her eyes sparkling smile, the face again he seems very naive, innocent and warm. From these stories seem silly and stupid in the classroom:

- You Idol first?

- Uncle Tao idol!

cheap out laughing and I found myself becoming ungainly, but it was a surprising answer. He would always give you this fascinating to me the more interesting.

He was surprised that you can join me in dreaming of one day living life as guests make Wanderer, has a house in the middle of green bamboo forest, beside a stream clear with yellow flowers carpet stretched out in front. A while back two of his corn visualizations running on the Mongolian steppe, run run forever until the sky full of stars, singing clam clam as Guo Jing and Huang Hung Xa Dieu Anh Dung in, again as thought like I'm doing a mighty Title Phong Ieng desert. Emotions run around confused mix whipped the head, the dreams that I knew I was never implemented, but it makes me happy, happy to have people know what they want. See it as temporary emotions gently caress for a minute vibrations of life.

painting that I did not dare to Phan handed, because I did not know then I will act and talk of how embarrassing. A feeling of embarrassment mixed with shame.

- Hoang Anh, you can help me put this to Phan is not, bring home nhé.

- What is it? Phan Why give? How mysterious! I was not watching at all?

- No, you know nothing, help yourselves, your problem really.

All that night my phone had a nervous wait Phan, but maybe he misunderstood the meaning of the blessing I write. After that day, I live in a feeling of waiting for something that happened but probably did not happen as I thought. Hoang Anh Phan and become more intimate, it's hard to understand.

But looking to next Hoang Anh Phan looked radiant as the day I saw a smile on his face made me slightly confused. He always gives me the pleasant surprise, has always been that way. But the unexpected is hard to explain. The story between us become shy and aloof, he changed the way vocative "generator" before. I saw her as something whispered in my heart broken.

I know he likes a girl sweet, feminine and not dry and vulgar like me. Perhaps what makes the old boy went to live in a small house in the woods, with him take the field again as Hoang Anh Mongolia. Hoang Anh a premature beat and the station, the Huang He always made people find peace, perhaps it makes sharp Phan doused in the eyes of his melancholy.

Still sultry heavy loads shone down like that on my way to school, a little shade along the way that people can not travel to see more cool. Still hot summer nights. Phan birthday one day late in May. I do not know if I should choose a gift for him. I know what he likes, But perhaps find it difficult to deal with me when he did not want to Hoang Anh misunderstood.

- An Oh hello, what you?

- Yeah I think today is your birthday you should give gifts to. But do not mind.

- Oh, Yeah, but do not mind at all, An on the go.

The house is a jewel orchid flowers are very large, Phan mother once said he likes jade orchid flower, it is passionate and fragrance. Suddenly froze when I saw the picture I drew increase the day hanging on his desk, it is still green, and dishes like my dream subject. Seem to see little surprised glance in the face. Feedback:

- You see this beautiful picture, right? Surprisingly, Hoang Anh painted. True to his dream. He was telling Huang He knows it should not.

- Not ... ah, right, I said to her that he liked a scene like that. - A shiver of what I just said Phan. I know for sure that is why I draw my throat every technology is, I do not want to know bad Phan Hoang Anh, she is my best friend.

Wind blew curtains , a cool summer breeze. Rain. To wear the rain slapping on the room, spotting, light flickering candle blowing, shaking move. Like a late autumn leaves. I crouched in the dark. Hoang Anh I know have lied but can Phan Hoang Anh really like, that's his dream. I am only where Phan confessed his dream.

That summer went by so fast, I'm still the same level III for a class with Phan, the first story does not end between us continues, but seems a little strange interfere between us. Said Phan Hoang Anh Phan love and really need to see her, sometimes choking my heart seeing two people walking together. There have been times when I want to tell you that I know Royal all, but she also loves Phan as I love you. If I would choose is Phan Hoang Anh.

... If a movie, would somehow, Phan will know the truth about the picture and come to me, who you were always with him, always understand him and know him what he thinks. But because the film is not, so I chose to rest three years lang.Va III, my first love is still engulfed in silence. I just know I love Phan is enough, and it is love that can later I will try to forget or keep it somewhere deep in my heart.

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