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Pianist who

Hondorf My name is Mildred. My former teachers of high school musical Des Moines, Iowa (USA), and I have worked for over 30 years. After all these years of teaching, I realized that every child has an ability to empathize with different music. I never enjoy what is known as extraordinary, even though I have taught many talented students. However, I can share with everyone what I have called the students "know the challenge of the music. One of them is Robby. At age 11, Robby was his mother brought to music class my. Actually, I like the students enrolled in an earlier age, and that's what I explained to Robby heard. But he told me about the dream life of the mother is heard his son playing the piano. So, I got Robby to school.

Robby started the first lesson to play the piano. And as soon as he started, I thought it was really an effort in vain. Even though tried a lot but he seems to lack the feel of music and a gap of knowledge about the basics. But on the other hand, Robby has also seriously look at the level of receptors on their music and also to meet the requirements that I was out for his students.

Robby keeps trying to practice this month after month while I listen and find ways to work Member boy. Last week, both Robby told me, "Someday. I will come to hear you offline. But it seemed no hope none at all. He does not have in Iowa. I just know the boy's mother when she stood waving distance or standing beside Robby old car. She just waved and smiled but never approached.

One day, Robby is not the classroom. I was thinking of going to call him but that it was because he realized he did not have the capacity and decided to quit music to pursue something. I'm relieved to see Robby do not come to class anymore.

A few weeks later, I sent an invitation to attend the performance report to the end of the course students. Repeat my surprise, Robby (also received invitations) would I allow him to participate in this program. Boy I know the show is only for students enrolled full-course, and because he had run away to the middle class can not participate.

Robby said that his mother is ill, and unable to take him to class, but you still exercise regularly. "I'll play! - He insists. I do not know what got me to agree. Maybe it's a sincere attitude of the boy that would be a go Str u something in me says that it is an appropriate action.

evening to perform well. Golf fitness of school was filled with spectators. I let Robby last performance in the program before they can enter the airport Dramatic to say thank you to everyone who participated. I think it does not hurt to Robby, and when he performed at the end of the program, I can stop the horizontal portion of his worst performances by "end of the lower screen.

The show went down to the end. The students did turn up a show. Finally, Robby carried out on stage. The boy was wearing a crumpled clothes, and her hair is messed up. "Why did not the little boy dressed like the others? - I thought -" Why do not grooming his mother, gave him the look of the night courtesy of this particular well? At least she should do that! ‿.

Robby walked to the piano and began. I was surprised to hear Robby died when informed that he will play the Concerto No. 12, Mozart's chief supply plot. I was not mentally prepared to hear that ...

The boy's fingers glide over the keyboard, they like dancing very quick and smart on the ivory keys. The boy frets guidance through each level offer: as scholarships, as deep, as fast, while slow, melodic. Every note in the concert music of Mozart was playing a little impressive. I have not heard anyone play music by Mozart or so at the age of like Robby. After six and a half minutes, Robby ended his performance. Immediately, everyone stood up and applauded constantly!

Switched Too happy and unexpected, I ran out on stage, hugging and Robby said, "She has not Who ever heard piano so! How could you do that?. Through the microphone, he said, "Yes! ... I remember she once told her that her mother was ill? Actually my mom had cancer and passed away this morning. Your mother was born deaf and tonight is the first time she could hear me play piano. Therefore, you have to do something really special.

Everyone is sad, no tears. When the center staff to put Robby society to the orphanage, I noticed they were red eyes and a line rate. I think my life has become more affluent, better luck since Robby was his pupil.

No, I never get the magic in life, but That night, I became the miracle of Robby. The boy has taught me a valuable lesson. That was the lesson about the meaning of patience, love, trust and know seize the opportunities that other people gave her. I believe that angels are always around us, angels are always beside us, and inside each of us. Everyone has at least an angel in my life ...

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