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Perfect Life

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who always wants to find yourself a perfect life. One day she asked God to give her everything she desires.
So God appeared and told her, "I might just go down the windy road ahead there are hundreds of millions of small stones. I gave a period of 365 days to pick up a rock that most children can find. A stone bigger then the more we give you more. Conditions are set out then when you go through may not come back. So, think carefully before you choose your own stones. "

She felt happy and started to step on his journey on the windy road to search for "greatest happiness" for her life. However, when a big rock encountered along the way, she hesitated and said to himself with his heart "the next rock will make much bigger." Many days, weeks and months went by and she also came near the end of the road and suddenly realized that she was no longer enough time and opportunity to choose the big rock. So she had to rush to pick up a small rock along the way.

Also true of life. We are always looking for a perfect mate, a perfect job, a perfect house, perfect car ... and never realize that we are wasting so much time and opportunity.

Never have so-called "very timely" to say exactly what you want to express exactly one point with exactly one person, or exactly a job that you want to do in life. So, why do not you live "for today" and enjoy every moment you have been on this world.

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