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People do not love

day I left the city, raining blow betel unfurl in the sky ... gray. And I also choose to go to another city. You go ... .. go to the heart with less feeling sad, feeling sorry for him when he caused to the other frustrations ... ... ... ... ... ... just because you do not love me!

On the other hand, you want to find moments of peace inside the house with their loved ones to forget the sadness of everyday life that they encounter. I turned to memories of the airspace, the streets of Saigon after another ... .. blind ... .... but suddenly she turned to find ... ... a silhouette in the past.
But I think when turned, will see your smile every time he accompanied the children.

Maybe I was the girl or dreams, then do yourself suffering and for him. People often say "when asked a person who does not love me it's a great sadness, but we love her but I definitely do not love anything but sad to go, stupid." I understand that, but I do ... .... Because you're not callous enough to ignore ... ... .. it hurts to look. I do not love you but I can not leave him be. That is my biggest weakness is not he?

Last met her first and last, my legs turned away and she walked quickly into the crowd, I did not dare look back. I know you look so sad, what's the message he sent to me ... ... I'm very sad, maybe he was Kant, and I felt that she had you? I returned with a vague sadness, not orientation. One that tormented the children in the images. If only you did not say I love you, if only he did not "fool" to love her as stubborn and they unknowingly ... ... maybe I'll feel more comfortable boy.

Do not ask me why I love him to flee. Simple him for some reason ... ... "my heart did not bring him the ball," but it does not want to hurt him so. You are the contradictions so I hustle because I know ... There is nothing that the integrity of both. If the following day we meet again, hopefully he will be better now, right now you and I were far apart the two ends of the country, I think that time will erase "skin wound" in his ... .... fastly and you will find yourself a true love, he will be happy to have a lover like him.

Because he is ... ... when love is love so much. Unfortunately, I do not have the good fortune to get it accepted. Hope that one day he found a worthy send love to give .... You very much!! I apologize a thousand times, I sincerely hope there'll always be peace, joy and happiness !!!!!!
By maylangdu

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