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Parting is simple farewell

I broke him right away? He walked out of my life as when he gently, without too many tears as I thought, why not torment, never to take, ask. I broke up in nostalgia ...

still know me and you love each other very much, still known among us not only love, but it was because the " means "that we had during the past 5 years.

5 years, the love I have had sad experience how fun, memories, how sweet, but also not to be quiet through which to live life together. Eventually, they still leave me, I do not have the courage to suffer, suffer with him, I do not run under the new temptations, but during that time she also tried to hook something between us , tried to dismiss them all for you, for you and for our families. But ultimately my heart can not do what you want. I accept the trade date love life 5 years to come to "love" new, I have aches and painful. Do not think me heartless, I do not think the bad part, do not think I'm ungrateful, because I still make my heart love you too. Just ... I can not continue to love me as before only.

Now I sit here together, watching his face in silence, listening to quiet his tired breath, tried to hide his tears eyes when he heard about the little things we regret that he did not want. Now you and I can still be friends, he is still interested in me kindly, my advice is to gently, still encouraged him to believe they can with what you have done. No anger, no blame, no curse ... he just quietly, just trying to salvage the memories of each other to love as he looked me square does.

When the children at this time there was a man he replaced, he can be a solid prop for children in later life, he could have loved you, you can get a little worried about the material and may be of interest and love you. But deep heart I still hope he is for you to choose as his first came together and said to be the same as five years ago.
I brushed the tears, to ignore those parents' complaints, trying not to see him awkwardly on the way tough, but I chose to go. He will then find yourself a girl who loves him more, he said cared more children. I still know who the first girl I love, I will always cherish and I have always regarded them as people he loved most. Still know love is hard to change, but ... things as fate arranged for them yourself apart. Well take it as their fate is not to be without him.

Parents and friends were shocked to know he and I broke up, no one really believe that you have enough confidence live without him, the courage to leave a great man like that to come up with a brother that I myself do not know how that person. But perhaps because he is too great, he is too good, I love you too new to be ... such damage. It is still something not quite so good as well but have not you?

Goodbye my love. I've wanted to write the lines of love for him one last time, but never wrote me up. Because it was embedded in my heart and I can not say it. I would love to keep him in that most sacred and precious because he was what you have. Let him live well, live for his family, for yourself as you once said you very much. He be happy, always smiling, just know enjoy life without worrying about someone like me to hear him. I'll still watch his step and will always wish you luck, happiness will come to you.

* * *

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is he anyway, you very much!
I lost each other, is not he!?
If I selected
To me quietly forget him, you very much!

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