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Parental Lessons

When all your friends the same age in the village school simultaneously, my sister as well as psychological "spread" for a simple reason: to study alone is sad.

In that year, education has changed more in the ninth grade in high school programs, so schools are very fresh, my sister is even more demanding school anonymously ... On the wall of home, often tuck a cloud is to whip as a reminder of my sister, if not carefully study how calves are also stripes and then the clouds ...

But before the "event" his sister had "not seen dropping by" demanding school, surprisingly and contrary to our predictions, rattan whip had not been taken down. When finished eating, Dad called us all back and say: "Ha She will not go to school anymore, my parents did not know what to do if her sister did not go to school. You think about what the appropriate with her now? Because if not in school, she will earn money to help Vietnam with her parents. "

I which is" practical "when you see the same page doing every stage of her flute, wearing a heavy gold ear, to minister at the neck line, so brisk, "her parents for making every flute! Go bushel of rice milling and then sell, you feel, well is very interest ...". I also evidenced by a series of examples of people who have "walked back capital" for a dowry when married flute from every profession.

The van then "advise": cook pigs by alcohol "career" ... of the mother. Every child is "childish" Ha told her to go to his wife about the heat because I worked in agriculture but also lack any map blowing cooking. I make fun of them, this is not the job. The mother said, as every grain is acute Saturn, arms and legs that do carry it well; hard liquor pigs dirty again and again. Ha would build capacity to sell ice cream, or my dad made it to double optic cup to collect dung, grass cutting ...

I do not analyze anything, just sitting listening to Staff of the house, Ms. Ha was not consulted but still happy because she was absent due wishes ... Finally, the father said, from tomorrow, Ha do the mothers from the close of rice wine, cooking, retired men, the rice wine, brewing and wine and take on both the "vegetable bran residue dirt" for being the big pig ..

We go to bed, Ms. Ha is willing and very happy with the decision of the father and I and two younger children are too young to understand the decisions that adults should roll asleep immediately but did not know what is the parent table then. The next day, Ms. Ha up very early, instead of doing her job, while she "suddenly" back "home" ... a week.

It is recognized Ms. Ha and resourceful people make are, first daughter has other things she is very fluent. But after a week, she is always busy, her hands started crumbling due to charges to squeeze your hands into hot bran for pigs eat it up loud cry; more scratches her finger as quickly move dirt, broken hand, her fingernails blackened tempered because plastic water hyacinth ...

The scarf is always forced scattered on top, we found her "old" too so you can see she is back to tease "hello sir !"... tools But not only wine, pig; parents also cut countless election is for you. She made clothes are hand-excavated always true, no longer have time to talk to us, not always free to the storage yard of the neighbors' collective rhythmic activity summer "as every year ...

Just 10 days later, dinner is done, announce "message" to hold a "family meeting" to "experiences" ... Ha has commended her father worked very well. Dad also said: "If so, the parents can give children the school to be doctors, then they succeed," wearing plain white food "and earn good money then how she will not forget you wine, hard pigs at home, black limbs always put like this, "

Then the father held her hand up, yes it looks rough and put a black, grimy ; mother, "wedge": "What we also buy her something for her fans, to not have to manually fan the charcoal smoke anymore ...".
not know because 10 days of hard experience, because so unhappy to hear the words of a parent or as a reason that she suddenly cried: "Well, I go to school, not home cooking wine, more like a mother pig Where! parents ask their children to school again !"...

The next day, she has presence in preparation for summer classes in 9th grade "extra" that year! Then she demanded that never again leave school, although all of her neighbors at the age, only one of their sister school and must attend school away from the countless needy, difficult ... Until her first day working as a teacher in a district, new parents talk about school every day.

She smiled but it was just as grateful for love and the teaching that parents have for her. Do not lash of the whip, not shouted, but her parents gave her a lesson that perhaps she, too, as we can never forget!
Written by SCOPE, the party

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