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Pain so mellow

He thought he had forgotten it, then forget it, do not remember anything about those days are over. Memories seemed full of moss had clung, he placed it in the same compartment of memory, yet this afternoon sunset when he heard the old songs on which both you and I both love, it took him back to the old days - days "have you in my life ...!" I also quite long ago it?
I always thought that time would ease the pain but do not expect to make the time back pain exist. I do not know why I like anymore!? You always ask "Why do you love the old days did.?" Why? Why do you love me when you know enough to hold my own!? Now that you've forgotten the words of love on which he left with Sprawl missed. What's Left of me when we apart? With him, he tried to forget everything and just closed my eyes to know the pain my heart is not bitter at each anniversary to remember the old days. In the bottom of my heart many times he told himself to forget you. But the more I forget, then he would know where he is deceiving himself and the love he has for you.

This afternoon and suddenly the words of love da song kill, pictures rushing back in my back so many memories with him, "I'll love you more than words .. So you say that ...? I do not know why I do this? Why do despair silence so much ..? I said that I have loved! So why love is not strong enough to overcome the mistakes life or what? One thing that hurts me more than I wanted to go for good him? want you to find true happiness. I left everything, abandoned son loves "pé Dragon", a feeling of loss of something big always make me dwell in the hearts of many as ignore silly. A series of long days have passed away in pain .. don.Anh cried happy tears because the love-broken cry for love - I lost her forever ... I just felt the pain rising in the flooded?!

Now you can be happy, have fun new life? But he was far away from where all that loved and most familiar, there are memories of you and me! UK remains the messages I sent you the day when we also hand in hand, "you are scared of losing him too - I never apart you very much - I hold you in the heart is not - you are scared of losing him, "If I mice for the words that he is completely unconscious or anticipate anything or not? To you and me today per person reclining!? He is looking forward to returning the date on which he first finger knit us together, shy and dared not look at each other ... I do not have "romantic" like the old days you say anymore. Now I only think about the job only a new job for his pleasure!. Lyrics ears still rang, he thought about you and know that I can not forget you "The way he goes then will take you with me" ... It right now he just a "pain mellow" pecun sir! honey ..!

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