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Overcoming the shock of divorce

Marriage breakdown often leaving a" legacy "for healthy people during difficult, especially for women. According to experts, often after divorce, women experience a period of "shock" in psychology. Without the preparation of the "spirit", our reactions after their divorce makes it feel more lost.
Two paths

After the divorce, the "haunted" Bamboo is saying sarcastically of her former husband: "Do not dream pocket a husband." Structure, determined to make her old ex-husband "knew."

Some money, her "investment" to refresh yourself. As a professional bridal makeup, Bamboo has many opportunities for exchange, get familiar. With "pitch determination", less than three months after receiving a divorce decision, Bamboo has a new lover.

Her new lover is Hung, new boyfriend is not married, less she was 2 years old. The two men know each other through the wedding of a friend. Although divorced, Truc said, are raising 3-year-old daughter, but still speak Hung ... love.

On Sunday, former husband of Truc usually come get me to go out Sunday, so she invites lovers of the organizers of cooking, singing karaoke. In front of her former husband, Truc deliberately pride of loving gestures, romantic lovers. See ex-husband walked away quietly, her extremely ha ... Determination as "revenge", Truc also serve as the power to love. Hung She hopes she will be married in the near future, as he promised!

Also marital breakdown situations when very young, while having a small child, but Mai Thuy - Working in the media - again chose a different path. "Therapy" to overcome the period Thuy "shock" after the divorce was chosen to live quietly, avoiding unnecessary relationships. Thuy's time only for two things: care, parenting and focus on professional work. Work helps Thuy forget Implications of grief and faith to children is to continue living Thuy.

Giang capital good, beautiful, Thuy many people "to do". There are people taking advantage of her situation to "the road for fun", but also people who want to come to her in earnest. But with whom, Thuy also ... laugh pretext "was hit by a bird called the PCI curve" to shift.

"Be", and "lost"

But the love affair of such short-Tay Hung Truc and iron. Again Truc really shocked, when Hung said goodbye. The reason is simple: Family does not accept Truc Hung! Too young hero, he can not overcome public opinion and pressure from family.

In fact, when asked Hung, Truc also vaguely noticed something was wrong. It too hastily, snatched her trip and more inclined towards. But what Bamboo is suffering more emotional care of her daughter. She wrapped her grandparents than parents. Roofs "investment" for new love, Truc almost white Securities daughter caring for her grandparents. And, when thinking of ironic smile of her former husband before their failure, her heart like rubbing salt!

"How to overcome" shock "is that you should choose the best solution silence. Take time out for work, child care and care for myself "- Thuy Mai said. But the woman's life after divorce is not easy at all.

That is, when you have to "face up" with the daily tasks that require hands of men. Then at times unsteady, weak need a shoulder, a solid prop ... Go along with weak moments, hold the dough is always unpredictable implications.

Looking back over two years after the divorce, both work alone, while raising small children, just trying to use Republic of social relationships, Thuy felt satisfied with what I have. Healthy boy, very obedient and loving mother. Lobe is about to complete Masters program, respected colleagues ...

Thuy admitted: "Thanks to" divorce that she has time and "internal resources" to care for themselves more . Actually, what Thuy won "is" in the fight over "shock" after her divorce was awake to know choosing a path!

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