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Overcoming grief

Love is pain. But sometimes the pain is too great and persistent, cause you play with in life. Should seek to overcome, towards a better life and happier past.
Home Time will erase all

Time is the dose of most capable of healing emotional wounds, depending on the extent of each domain. It can last for 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, even a lifetime. But most importantly, our lives gradually absence of the old old and more fun.

Stay away from the past
Love is always more supply ladder depression, in both directions is bad, good. However, the past never to penetrate too deeply into life, because it is haunted, why you not out to break through that "sat overwhelmed" to continue the journey up the rest.

"The past was past few who still hold", you should present yourself in, put the past aside, considering the past is a lesson, is to experience strong and more mature. Do you find any time to the old street corner, where they had sweet together dating.

Time for new love
That's how respect and love yourself. Love has no errors. So, do not pessimistic, get joy, "tut" feelings through another person. You'll see, love is colorful, like the form, who knows "golden age at the threshold, not to come inside." At that time, sure you will understand what is the real man's real life.

Increase of 4 to help you

- Share your feelings with a trusted friend or close member of the house, especially those who can hear but does not hit home, complaining or complained.

- Spend time time to do something interesting such as walking, scattered, full body massage, reading, watching movies, listening to music ... because this will help you immediately relieving stress, spiritual, emotional and creating soothing relaxed state of nature.

- Write a diary solution that many choices, since it does not inconvenience anyone, and blogs can also sit still for you to flush out the anger, upset, do not complain a bit.

- Being your own best friend. This may seem strange, but very effective. Sometimes my own mind of the so-hidden inside themselves, sending personal messages or email to yourself and then respond, also a great thing.

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